Fri 03 2008

The collection is made from recycled wine and beer bottles, but isn’t like some of the boring, old, recycled glassware seen before. Instead, the beauty of these pieces comes from their organic shapes and frosted original colors juxtaposed with hard, sharp angles, giving them a luxurious feeling. Two Chardonnay bottles becomes a carafe and beer bottles are transformed into drinking glasses. Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden

2F Chair

Wed 03 2008


The chair is a combination of the designer’s visual views and his life-long study on construction. The designer is known for his other light-weight foldable chairs – so the 2F chair is a continuation of his design thinking. It also has an ecological aspect which has been important to the designer.Hannu Kahonen

Wing is a portable and user-friendly wind turbine made from a foldable material similar to canvas. When the wind turbine is turned into the wind, a small generator turns the mechanical wind energy into enough electrical energy to meet basic human needs. Folded in its carrying case, Wing is easily portable and suited to a way of life independent of any place or socially imposed systems (a nomadic way of life). It produces el. energy without ruining the nature and makes us think that we can take a lot from nature without disturbing its processes. Ines Vlahovi & Mladen Oresic


 Free go is a system of door handles, with replaceable grips that fit directly on the door. A wide array of grips in various materials turns the door handle into the “handshake” of a room. In addition, Free go introduces multi-purpose door handles; one soft grip works as an anti shock bumper; olfactory grips and grips with sound and/or vibration provide paths for the blind. Giangi Razeto


Cover Stool Pouf

Thu 03 2008

Ecologically conceived Cover StoolPouf is one of the major new features of this collection. The carton of Cover Stool becomes the structure of the seat. It is then covered with a polyester cover “Messenger” high-quality and recycled. Its polygonal is very strong and virtually impossible to deform. Extensible and pleasant to the touch, polyester retains its original appearance even after several years. The Stool Cover is available in brown, red lights and two shades of green. Alain Berteau



BASF Toaster

Thu 03 2008

When designing heat carrying household objects designers are normally constrained, as they have to keep surfaces and circuitry away from heat or electricity, so users avoid burnt fingertips or short-circuits. The aesthetically designed concepts (a hairdryer, lampshade, toaster, kettle and a clothes hanger) are made of Ultrason polymer, which is heat resistant up to 220° Celsius and has great insulating capacities, making it safe to touch while the product is in use. IDEO AND BASF


In general, washing machines are both energy costly and water consuming, and traditional dry cleaning is both time consuming and expensive. Airwash is a waterless washing machine that removes stains from garments in a few minutes, without the use of detergents. Airwash uses negative ions, compressed air and deodorants. Gabriel Tan & Wendy Chua



This year Asko was awarded with the IF Product Design Award 2008. Congrats. Have a look. Asko.

‘Imprint’ chair

Wed 09 2007

imprint.jpgThe ‘Imprint’ chair is the first member of a family of new seating made using Cellupress, a revolutionary new laminated wood-fiber matt material created specifically for the furniture industry. By pressing wooden fibre material together under high pressure, it has been possible to reach a clear, limited radius that shows the seat form and gives the whole chair a very distinct expression. Shell chair in compressed cellulose fibres with addition of bark, spruce or coconut. Shell available in two shapes. From Lammhults Mobel AB


Wed 09 2007

solar-cooker.jpgThe design of the solar cooker from BCK SOLAR improves the quality of life by allowing the public to cook in a clean and ecological way, without the use of non-renewable sources and without aggravating the environment (Green Design). The advantages of this project are that it can be used within natures boundaries where other resources are unavailable and where we must protect the environment and in situations where we wish to experiment in an innovative way of cooking and of working alongside with the nature.From