cabaret.JPGcA clear winner, Ulf Motitz’s collection is inspirational. The use of different materials and the kaleidoscopic colours is at the forefront of contemporary fabrics. Designs such as Cabaret, with its bold juxtaposition of shape and pattern, show a fabric master at the top of his game. The shimmering translucency of the collection brings a whole wealth of opportunity for the interior designer, and enables fabrics to be used in the most contemporary of schemes.

Wooden panelling

Fri 10 2006

wooden-panelling.jpgThis ingenious update of wooden panelling offers the designer an easy to specify surface treatment for any wall.

Home entertainment

Fri 10 2006

home-entertainment.jpgInclude a home entertainment, lighting, automation and security network throughout the five storey house and in the annexe building at the end of the garden.

Designed by architect John Nash


Fri 10 2006

bathroom.jpgThe bath, set in a plinth flanked by a steam room and toilet, and basins play a central role yet do not overpower the overriding sense of calm.

Kitchen design

Fri 10 2006

kitchen-design.jpgThe ease of circulation around the kitchen, which includes a potentially problematically large underlit island garnered special praise as did the combination of the beautiful wood tones and the artisan feel of the metalwork.

Chen’s Residence

Fri 10 2006

chens-residence.jpgThe designers’ ebullient use of colour and shape – inspired very much by nature – transform what could have been a cold space into one with warmth, wit and imagination.

Studio Off

Fri 10 2006

studio-off.jpgStudio Off’s stunningly innovative use of shape and material, including copper walls, to create spectacular schemes that reinvent the space.