flask-coffee.jpgAn update on the BODUM classic design first presented in 1982, the Bistro Vacuum Jug now comes made of matt-finished stainless steel and with impressive insulating qualities. The inner flask is a double-wall glass bottle, keeping liquids hot up to 6 hours! An advancement is the new pushbutton system, a device integrated into the lid: to pour liquids, simply push the button once and the vacuum jug is ready to use! The push button system and the spout prevent the squirting of liquids. The grip and the lid are made of santoprene. Through the combination of fine materials and the efficiency of use the Bistro vacuum jug becomes a BODUM highlight!

Marike Washbasin

Wed 08 2007

washbasinnnn.jpgA new concept for washbasin design. Not a build up washbasin or a build in washbasin, but a morphed structure between a basin and a shelf, with a classic yet very elegant color, white. Made by Marike size: 120 x 47 x 12 cm

“sei element” Bed

Tue 08 2007

bett_ansicht_gross.jpgA tree trunk, six pieces, no glue, no metal connectors, 3-D swallow-tail tongue and grooves, “sei element” Bed. Those are the characteristics of this product. Pleasing aesthetics, healthy sleep, reproducibility and the state-of-the-art application of traditional cabinetmakers’ joints were the objectives behind this concept. The workpiece: a walnut tree is sawn into sections, planed and oiled. The friction-fitted corner joints take the form of swallow-tail tongue and grooves. The foot and head sections, two side sections and two foot sections can be joined and separated as needed. Repositioning the bed, moving, transporting are child’s play. Mass production is possible thanks to the programming of the CNC milling machine and the small number of parts.

29219_01_1__se_25_t_052_eu.jpgSiemens Dishwasher  with full stainless steel housing and stainless steel bar-type handle. Smooth top-mounted operating panel in top edge of door. Automatic “3in1” function: auto-detection of all tabs and powder-type detergents. The height-adjustable top basket with full pullout facility (rackmatic) enhances load flexibility, and offers unproblematic adjustment of height even when loaded. Extremely quiet (just 44dB) making it ideal for open-plan kitchens. The servo lock is especially convenient to operate via the metal, bar-type handle. Features aquaVario sensors to detect the level of soiling in the water and vary the spray pressure accordingly.

Vino Decanter

Fri 08 2007

vino.jpgThe real value of a good wine reveals if it has been decanted beforehand. The bulbous, generous shape of the decanter allows the liquid to extend for quite a way further, providing the best possible aeration and therefore permitting the aroma to develop in an optimal manner. The decanter’s crooked shape is an invitation to pour something out of it. While new for a decanter, this arises from a thousand-year old tradition. It is adapted from a wine skin bag, that legendary vessel which is already mentioned in the Bible. The polished neck is not only optically appealing, but also finishes off the shape of the decanter in a meaningful manner. Sybille Homann


Thu 08 2007

lounge.jpgThe chaise longue PAULISTANA is made from strips of Peroba wood. A good decision – because together with the steel frame, this wood is the ideal choice for the modern, innovative design. The chaise longue measures 174 cm long, 51 cm wide and 56 cm high.

Carafe and tumblers

Wed 08 2007

carafe.jpgDenmark’s internationally acclaimed iconic designer, Ole Palsby, makes his art sound so overtly simple and his work so uncomplicated. This is borne out once again by the Carafe and Tumbler, Ole Palsby’s latest creations. It’s as if the Carafe and Tumbler, individually and together, emanate a message that says “we look as we do because of what we are”. This is the aura of a born classic. When you take the Carafe in your hand and put the Tumbler to your lips, there’s yet another sensation in store: this is more than design – these are also superb accessories.

The cupM

Tue 07 2007

30068_01_467a1.jpgThe cupM not only impresses through its clear, timeless, noble design and its high-quality finish; it also offers numerous practical features. The uniqueness of cupM is felt at first touch, thanks to the soft-touch surface on the handle and base section that stimulates the haptic nerves. In addition to the cup’s characteristic pleasant, easy grip, this surface insulates, provides for good stability and dampens noise when placed on hard surfaces.

30068_01_467a.jpgEllipse is a bathroom accessory set with a modern design that brings porcelain, a material more associated with an antique shop, into the 21st century. The product is produced in Brazil. It can therefore be offered at a reasonable price. The set consists of six items: toothbrush holder, soap dish, soap / lotion pump dispenser, cotton ball holder, cotton q-tip holder and multi purpose container. The unusual, curved, sloping design of the set is inviting and draws the user in. The set is manufactured using the mould-casting and firing method. The materials used are porcelain and enamel. The size of each piece varies around the standard measurements of 155 mm high, 135 mm wide and 140 mm long.

Eva Solo Candlesticks

Fri 07 2007

candlestick.jpgOne of the winners from If product design Awards 2007 was the Eva Solo Candlestick made of stainless steel, for three or four candles.It would fit perfectly into a dinning room that has a futuristic look yet classic and warm.