Best furniture designer of the year Hella Jongerius Dutch designer Hella Jongerius and Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra may seem like an odd pairing; one is known for a naive, idiosyncratic approach, the other for slick, hi-tech furniture. But the collaboration speaks volumes about Jongerius’s talent and Vitra’s commercial nous because everyone wants design with a quirky, homespun feel, and Jongerius provides it in spades with pieces such as this ‘Worker’ chair.

Hot /the radiator

Thu 04 2007

hot_tcolia1.jpg Hot is the new bathroom icon. What can be said about HOT? Its simplicity and its shape speak by themselves: elegant radiator, powerful heater. Available in two finishes, cromed or red painted, and in many sizes


Wed 04 2007


This innovative chopping board designed by Joseph Joseph uses the latest technology in polypropylene living hinges, when the handle is squeezed the board folds into a chute to help guide diced and chopped food into the pot. This award winning product is dishwasher safe and comes with a 3 year guarantee. Size: 38cm x 22cm x 1cm.

lignerosetbrindilles.jpgA spectacular ceiling light with fiber optic cables and 108 LED’s white Plexiglas fitting. Cables of the Brindilles can be shortened, bringing the overall height to a minimum of 59. Designed by Francois Azambourg.

ALNO CookIsland

Mon 04 2007


Optimal and flexible cooking table that can be integrated in the kitchen or free standing. For a more efficient use of your precious space and for a touch of modern mixed with classic enjoy the ALNO CookIsland.

art-dios-side-by-side-refrigerator-r-t693gdh.jpgModern design comes from the concept of turning living space into an art gallery using home appliances. By selecting the “modern flower” motif, the Art DIOS Side-by-Side Refrigerator has a luxury pattern. Special printing and crystals were used, clearly differentiating itself from the existing products on the market. We used special glass printing technology to create a three dimensional effect. Also there are crystals behind the glass, whereas previous technology only allowed for this at the front. Prevent water spillage from the ice maker by selecting the one-touch water pail. Allow vegetables to remain fresh and nutritious for longer. Rapid freezing at -35 C allows food to retain optimum quality. Unlike the existing home bar, this new home bar opens smoothly with a simple touch.


Thu 04 2007

bank_stretto_01_jan_01.jpgSTRETTO  bench with wooden or upholstered backrest, an elegant touch to any office. Base stainless steel, matte or gloss.

w4800_t9800_drawer_balloons.jpgFor a more fun way to do the laundry. It’s features and design has won Miele with this product a 2007 RedDot Design Award.

Wedge water basin

Tue 04 2007


Design for living. Ideas to inspire you. For a positive feeling in your bathroom. Luxury and innovative products in different materials offer you a wide range of possibilities for your bath design. from Bagno Sasso AG

Yin Yang

Mon 04 2007

0f24143d58.jpgBest of the best Award Chaise longue designed by DEDON GmbH.  If you like modern furniture that with a toutch of the past blended with the future, then you will agree with the jury’s choice.