The new Wave hammock-parasol by Royal Botania is a suspended cocoon in which to curl up with a good book this summer. The Wave is made of stainless steel and perforated fabric which blocks out 86 percent of the sun’s rays and is semitransparent. Part chair, part sunshade, part swing, it’s a bit of an expensive piece of summer fun. Royal Botania

The unique features of the Grand Island Sleeper Sofas allow for a multitude of custom options for maximum versatility in a variety of stylistic and functional settings. This high-performance seating and sleeping solution embodies multi-functional durability, and the ultimate in patient and visitor comfort. David Edward

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The Stingray, to nature’s curves and to her comfort, the Stingray Birch is sumptuously contoured in beautiful birch. The natural grain accentuates the luxurious form of this charming and very practical wooden interior sculpture. Jolyon Yates

MTDS-120 Rivera

Tue 01 2010

The Rivera MTDS-120 measures 60″ x 36.25″ x 21″ and can be built as a soaker or can be equipped with either of 2 air bath systems. The clean lines and contemporary design make this freestanding bath tub beautiful. MTI Whirlpools


Mon 01 2010

The 3VS-931 IAD  is an interactive home appliance of the brand balay. That is why it has a low consumption and a very efficient handling of water and energy. Its clear design, the use of top quality materials like stainless steel as well as the excellent ergonomic. B/S/H/ Germany.

Cooker hood

Fri 01 2010

The 3BD-898 XAD hood of the series “Lógica” is an intelligent appliance: In automatic mode a sensor system switches on at the right moment, adjusts speed according to the level of smoke and grease in the air and switches off when the air is clean again. That cooker hood lets you know automatically when dishwasher-proof aluminum filters should be cleaned. B/S/H/ München

Sunray Lounge

Thu 01 2010

Sunray is a blissful lounge designed specifically for relaxation in a fashion well suited to the antipodean ‘bronzed Aussie’ ethos. The Sunray lounge is ergonomically engineered in polyethylene to maximise comfort. This sleek and stylish lounger is perfect for use outdoor. Steendyk and BNEcreative

Chair office

Fri 01 2010

The Be chair’s innovative key features provide a new level of comfort and unrestrained movement with only three standard adjustments. It’s so intuitive, it’s almost human. Be combines physical ergonomics. Formway Furniture

Quartz Armchair

Thu 01 2010

The Quartz collection is defined by it’s fresh, jewel-like planes, which belie its comfort and ergonomics. Schamburg + Alvisse Furniture

Pasadena Rocker

Tue 01 2010

This Pasadena rocker is a chair in both sheer simplicity and walnut. The result is a stand-alone sculptural piece, satisfying the visual senses while offering comfort and long service. David Moser