The cupM

Tue 07 2007

30068_01_467a1.jpgThe cupM not only impresses through its clear, timeless, noble design and its high-quality finish; it also offers numerous practical features. The uniqueness of cupM is felt at first touch, thanks to the soft-touch surface on the handle and base section that stimulates the haptic nerves. In addition to the cup’s characteristic pleasant, easy grip, this surface insulates, provides for good stability and dampens noise when placed on hard surfaces.

30068_01_467a.jpgEllipse is a bathroom accessory set with a modern design that brings porcelain, a material more associated with an antique shop, into the 21st century. The product is produced in Brazil. It can therefore be offered at a reasonable price. The set consists of six items: toothbrush holder, soap dish, soap / lotion pump dispenser, cotton ball holder, cotton q-tip holder and multi purpose container. The unusual, curved, sloping design of the set is inviting and draws the user in. The set is manufactured using the mould-casting and firing method. The materials used are porcelain and enamel. The size of each piece varies around the standard measurements of 155 mm high, 135 mm wide and 140 mm long.

Eva Solo Candlesticks

Fri 07 2007

candlestick.jpgOne of the winners from If product design Awards 2007 was the Eva Solo Candlestick made of stainless steel, for three or four candles.It would fit perfectly into a dinning room that has a futuristic look yet classic and warm.

wm.jpgWinner at “iF product design award 2007”

To provide the optimum convenience for washing machine users, LG created a control panel that can be switched from the top to the bottom. This user-oriented idea allows you to place the washer and dryer side by side or on top of each other, while retaining easy access to the control panel. By applying steel and ABS injection with excellent spray finishing, the designers were able to improve the product durability. The unique and simple shape enhances the concept and, for built-in solutions, allows for a perfect match with the surrounding interior.

30581_01_3000-16.jpgIt was time for a redesign of the famous electric vacuum coffee brewer BODUM Santos. The original see-through plastic jug was exchanged for a very distinct stainless steel one. Santos works without paper filters, which lets the coffee develop the fullest of aromas. A small and easy-to-clean filter guarantees a smooth and even cleaner coffee. The Santos vacuum brewing process is entirely sealed off so no aroma can escape, and brewing time and temperature are perfectly calibrated. Right off the power base, you can serve 6 to 12 cups of freshly brewed delicious coffee within 8 minutes. Made of stainless steel and PC.

iLook Cosmetic mirror

Tue 07 2007

ilook-mirror.jpgExtraordinary design and the highest level of flexibility characterize the iLook from KEUCO. This illuminated cosmetic mirror is available in two variants for different operating modes: battery-powered or plugged in. The battery-operated iLook is a standup, wall-mounted, pocket and travel mirror in one. This flexibility comes from the practical attachments – such as a bracket for standing or hanging, an adapter for wall mounting and a suction pad for smooth surfaces. In the mains-operated version the iLook is mounted on a 40cm-long wall rail for quick and easy height adjustment.

FÜR ZWEI knives

Fri 07 2007

knife.jpgDespite its relatively short 3,5-inch blade, FÜR ZWEI chops and slices on a cutting board and freehand like a full-size kitchen knife. The secret: its long ergonomical handle, which makes it suitable for small and large hands at the same time. Due to its full-length tang (part of the blade that extends into the handle) it is somewhat weightier and very well balanced. The stainless steel blade is “Solingen-dry-fine-ground” very sharply and “blue-glazed” by hand (traditionally finely ground). The handle is made of plum-, olive- or pearwood. For cooking at home – alone or in twos.

TWIGGY-Floor lamp

Thu 07 2007

30660_02_twiggy_2.jpgCompound material floor lamp on lacquered glass fibre base, available in four chromatic finishes. Twiggy’s extraordinarily resistant and flexible material makes it possible to create a lamp with impressive overall dimensions whilst maintaining an extremely streamlined silhouette that harmonises its visual impact. A simple system of counterweights allows free regulation of the height of the diffuser, and a third flexible arm element makes it possible to vary the distance of the bulb from the base. The shape of the diffuser allows full exploitation of the three light sources that offer direct lighting and good reflection off the ceiling. Foscarini

TOGETHER Spa bathtub

Wed 07 2007


togheter.jpgtogheter.jpgNatural holistic bathing by pushing boundaries, bring a tenor of cascade & rhythms of soaking water imitating waterfall effects as design with water overflow and recycling under granite rock. Integrated with I-Spa, and intelligent, user-friendly technology that provides digital control and graphic display on an LCD monitor. This spa bathtub is integrated with hydro and bubble jet, water wave and pulsating effects, plus speed adjustment. Featuring fun and functional modes like calories burnt, five personal settings, auto water fill/stop, chromotherapy, radio/CD/MP3 player and digital stereo, telephone and bath timer. Bathroom Design Co., Ltd.

Puro- water filter

Tue 07 2007


wpurifier.jpgwpurifier.jpgPuro is a water filter that purifies water and dispenses it either chilled or at room temperature. It’s ideal for the home or for use in a small office. It consists of a metal body with PS plastic parts and uses an activated charcoal filter to purify the water. The filter measures 425 x 315 x 270 mm. Puro is an understated design that fits in well with its surroundings. Simple, straight lines sum up this design, at the center of which is the dispenser itself where the temperature control knobs are located and the purified water flows out. This central, focal point tones in well with the rest of the body and rounds off not only the design but the purification process as well.