Russian Antique Denim

Mon 09 2008

Best Innovation.  An innovative use of material and technique. Floor to Heaven

Best Collection Traditional the colours are great across the whole collection, while the designs are exciting and skilfully executed. Zollanvari AG

Love Nature: Beach

Mon 09 2008

Best Collection Modern this collection is the beginning of something beautiful and revolutionary in tufting. Floor to Heaven

Best Old/ Antique Carpet. A beautiful example of its type featuring a superb, understated range of colours. Langauer Textile Art


Mon 09 2008

Best Traditional Workshop/Formal Design. The colours, proportions and attention to detail in this rug are perfect. Heidarian


Mon 09 2008

Best Traditional Nomadic Design over 150 euros/square meter. A rug with great depth of colour that embodies the true character of a nomadic carpet. Heidarian

Best Traditional Nomadic Design under 150 euros/square meter. An impressive interpretation of a traditional Central Anatolian rug with exquisite colours. Woven Legends