FLY Bench

Mon 11 2008

The FLY bench was designed as part of the Global Edition for Bernhardt. The concept for the collection was to embody simple, pure, timeless universal design that breaks out of the mold of the traditional notion of furniture. Melissa Guthrie finalist-flybench-web


Mon 11 2008

The Herman Miller Ardea is a new task light inspired by nature. Named after the great heron, Ardea displays similar a similar versatility to an adrea� neck, which flexes for hunting. Ardea�s fabric sheathed joints, range of motion and light output give users flexibility and personal control over their lighting experience. It is also 84 percent recyclable at the end of its useful life. Its clean iconic look is suitable to both home and office. Melissa Guthrie finalist-ardea-web

LEAF is an advanced LED light that offers cool task lighting and warm ambient light as well as dimming capabilities — all controlled by running a finger back and forth over an arc molded onto the base. It is remarkably energy efficient, using 40 percent less energy than a compact fluorescent with the same output. The LEDs are rated to last 100,000 hours, 100 times longer than an incandescent bulb. Melissa Guthrie finalist-leaf-light-web

This is the first double oven stove with a glass top developed and manufactured in Brazil. With a design combining sophistication and state-of-the-art technology, the stove is easy to use and clean. It features a triple-flame burner, 100 percent glass front door, individual grids, a dual-voltage electric grill, super automatic ignition and a timer. The stove�s functional features are enhanced by its brushed stainless steel and glass finish.  Sheila Pessoa, Electrolux do Brasil SA (Brazil) bronze_celebrate_web

Automatic Teapot

Mon 11 2008

The T100 Automatic Teapot brings automated tea brewing to everyday users as well as tea aficionados. With its integrated timer and counterweight infuser, the Automatic Teapot ensures a perfect pot of tea by removing tea leaves from water when they are perfectly steeped. It works with both loose-leaf teas and teabags. Its stainless-steel infuser retains no flavors or aromas, and the ceramic teapot base and infuser are dishwasher safe. Rick Lewis finalist-auto-teapot-web

Chaise Rippa

Mon 11 2008

Modern, sophisticated and comfortable are words that describe the concepts behind this original and functional sofa chaise with a unique eye-catching wood lathe base. Decameron Design (Brazil) chaise_rippa5

The Drum washing machine offers expanded capacity and quiet operation. The innovative user interface combines a jog dial and LCD, which makes operating the machine easier — and which has become a trademark feature for the company. The wide door front gives the exterior an elegant appearance, and the handle takes its cue from the visor of a baseball cap, an iconic aesthetic element. Minsun Kim, Samsung Electronics (South Korea)


Beside this refrigerator’s avant garde looks, it offers many useful, efficient features. For example, the vegetable crisper with adjustable humidity controls folds flat under the glass shelf, increasing the space efficiency of bottom part of the refrigerator. It also has a folding wine shelf, and the creative freezer drawer helps to save energy. The LCD display with a touch sensor button makes the controls easy to use. Wei Wang finalist_creativerefrigerator

Goma stool

Mon 11 2008

This piece was designed to serve both as a stool and aside table. It is also available with an inner light socket and can double as a floor lamp. Its pastel tones evoke childhood memories offering a unique and stylish solution. Renata Moura Design (Brazil) 0893_banco_goma_011

Gutmann Futura

Mon 11 2008

Futura is a revolutionary new downdraft vent for exclusive high-end kitchens, an extendible trough ventilation with invisible exhaust. It disappears into the kitchen counter when not in use. Boudewijn Soetens finalist_gutmannfutura_web