elementsssssssssss.jpgDesignPreis 2006 nominee.
Element No.2 stands for absolute convincing simplicity – less is even more. The washstand is a 6 cm high plate with a round impact plate lying in the rectangular baseplate. At present the plate is manufactured alternatively from multi colour glass or granite materials. The technology, including a mixer by that the water temperature is adjusted, is hidden in the
wall and in the plate.

carpet-collection-by-studio-vertijet.JPGDesignPreis 2006 nominee. Carpets also have a three dimensionality. This apparently limited opportunity for design was a challenge for the two designers,  from Studio Vertijet , so they created a everchanging world of carpets of their own with beautiful products.

Crystal Rain

Wed 03 2007

crystal20lamp.jpgA wonderfull ceiling lamp that brings into your home the fresheness of the rain in an ellegant and modern way. Designed by Anthologie Quartett.

Tableware Sets

Tue 03 2007

tableware-sets.jpgThis products brings a new definition to tableware concept by reflecting the sharing habit of Turkish people at the table. We made different sers from the 2005 DESIGN PLUS award winner Morphescape collection and gave them names from Ýstanbul. from GAIA & GINO

fe2006_eva_denmark_edit.jpgWith this barbecue on the table, everyone present can share the pleasure of cooking over charcoal. The porcelain outer shell contains a charcoal holder and a grid made of stainless steel. The table barbecue has a steel handle that allows it to be carried to the table before lighting the charcoal. It’s a nice little tabletop barbecue for the balcony, e.g. for consumers who have no garden. Ideal for one-person households or couples. The components are easy to disassemble and clean. The material – porcelain – is new an interesting in this context. Versatile

Felt Stool

Fri 03 2007

stool1.jpgA unique stool made out of felt and metal, with an innovative style. A product manufactured by Hella Jongerius,“Furniture designer of the year from WallpaperDesign Awards 2007”.

Twist Votive

Thu 03 2007

_twist_votive.jpgFred Bould created the Twist Vase and Twist Pillar Candleholder in Nambé metal and here adapts the graceful form into a Nambé full-lead crystal votive. Imagine a table lit with the entire Twist candlestick collection. Positively magic, in any setting, from a quiet, casual dinner to a cocktail party filled with laughter and music.


Wed 03 2007

02-0860_servo_drive__julius_blum_01.jpgOpening system for drawers and pull-outs. Geat for any home that has a modern style.

bfl-lamp.jpgWinner Most Promising Newcomer at the BIDA Awards 2006 from Pulse.The layering of patterns from this beautiful lampshade creates an interference effect- a type of optical illusions whitch makes the butterflies appear to magically flutter.Winner Most Promising Newcomer at the BIDA Awards 2006 from Pulse. The layering of patterns creates an interference effect- a type of optical illusions whitch makes the butterflies appear to magically flutter.

2006-01-0215-e.jpgCorner expresses the current lifestyle trend to multifunctionality: It may be used as bed as well as a piece of furniture for relaxation. The spatial and functional separation between living and sleeping is overcome by the character of its design. The furniture is flexible and may be adapted spontaneously to the various requirements of its user.