MIURA Barstool

Wed 03 2008


Name one thing about this bar stool that isn´t innovative. Whereas an ordinary bar stool is a clutter of components and materials, Miura manages with just one. And this is not just any material: reinforced, injection-moulded polypropylene is lightweight, strong and, equally important, inexpensive. With its curious, angular and, at first glance, rather uncomfortable looking form, Miura plays a starring role in the provocative oeuvre of Konstantin Grcic, a man whose universe has been the inspiration of many a fellow designer. Unlike others, however, Grcic is not all about form: the stool sits like a dream and is stackable in the bargain. A tour de force.

The Edo collection draws not only on Eastern influences, but also incorporates elements of Scandinavian and Shaker design. Playing with opposites like light and shadow, space and substance, this table brings all to rest in one satisfying whole. Splayed wedge feet contribute to the table’s remarkable stability. Four slatted legs converge at the bottom, allowing a parallelogram of air to visually float the table in space.David Moser

Luxe Room

Wed 03 2008


Somewhere between deco and Hollywood regency, the Luxe vanity in espresso-finish oak sports carefully placed accents of brushed nickel. The modern top-mount basin is carved from a single block of stone—either marble or luminous onyx—while removable trays customize the top two drawer.Walker Zanger

Concrete coffee table

Wed 03 2008


It is fascinating to discover the use of different types of materials in design.Lance Stephenson creates furniture designs made of concrete and steel.

Kada Stool

Wed 03 2008


KADA is a transforming home product: stool, side table, and charging hub. The numerous modes and surfaces contrast the complexity of life against the simplicity of the product’s construction and assembly. It is designed for compactness, adaptability and flexibility. Technology has given us devices that are phones, MP3 players and cameras, all in a single unit. KADA reflects these changes, offering a simple form that suits multiple needs, offering multiple functions. The sturdy Kada can be used as a stool, table or tray. The hollow interior has built-in power slots.Yves Behar


The Duet washer and dryer reflects Whirlpool Corporation’s new visual brand language that was created to leverage the brand to create brand-appropriate user experiences. It uses geometry, intersecting lines and faceted surface help to convey a clean, crisp and fresh aesthetic to the consumer. The “water drop” shape of the door and control area was developed as a visual metaphor for clean and fresh. The bowed surfaces were used to create slightly feminine qualities with a gesture that appeared to cradle the clothes inside. In-house

Isabella Planter

Tue 03 2008

Hand polished polyester-resin gel coated fiberglass plant tower, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.Reza Feiz

Spring Chair

Tue 03 2008


The Spring Chair’s single-part form minimizes weight and material waste. Its ergonomic design is contoured to the body. The strength and flexibility of bamboo create a gentle rocking action in this sensuous chair.The Spring Chair was designed by Anthony Marschack, building with Moso Bamboo. He began working with bamboo when he sought a more durable material for a most punishing application, skateboard decks.

Westpac Place

Tue 03 2008


The design concept for the Westpac experience was the translation of an Aspirational Brief developed by the bank, which became the vision for the construction and fitout of Kent Street Sydney in the context of future business and cultural goals. As well as a focus on accommodation, the core attributes of the design brief were to create a dynamic experience for Westpac employees and customers. The work environment balances the functional attributes of flexibility and mobility providing a responsive workplace/business environment whilst embarking upon delivering a world class workplace.

East Bay Lounge

Tue 03 2008

Retro Modern, sharp and inspired by the diversity of San Francisco’s East Bay, the East Bay Lounge is durable, light and finely crafted out of the highest quality materials.