the-brooklands.jpg Homebuilder: Q Developments

Architect: Mark Fairhurst

micro-compact-home.jpg Homebuilder: Micro Compact Home

Architect: Horden Cherry Lee

best-conversion-pinions-barn.jpg Homebuilder: Herbert Austin; Architect: Simon Conder Associates

Internally new partitions, floors and fittings are treated almost as furniture. Ingeniously the plywood skin is spaced from the stone walls, providing thermal insulation, lighting, and recesses concealing storage.


Thu 12 2006

rollertoaster.jpgDesigned: Jaren Goh

The ROLLERtoaster is pretty self explanatory: stick bread in one side, and watched it get rolled into toast by the compact little unit.

best-large-housing-development.jpgTeam: Countryside Properties PLC & New Hall Projects Limited; Proctor and Matthews Architects & Roger Evans Associates Limited

Award winner for best large housing development

best-small-housing-development.jpgTeam: Firmac Developments Limited & 3W

Award winner for best small housing development

best-social-housing-development.jpgTeam: Midas Homes Limited & Gale and Snowden Architects

Award winner for best social housing development

best-mixed-use-development.jpgTeam: Buredi Limited; Richard Murphy Architects

Award winner for best mixed-use development

best-brownfield-development.jpgTeam: Urban Splash Limited; EDAW Plc, Arkheion Architects, Glenn Howells Architects

Joint award winner for best brownfield development

Flap Flap

Wed 12 2006

best-detail.JPGSilver awarded in the Furniture Design Award.