Briggs Collection

Tue 01 2011

The Briggs Collection a complete line of hardware and accessories which beautifully combine artisan hand-carved designs with extensive sand-casting expertise. Each piece, made of recycled art-grade bronze, takes its design inspiration from a rich array of stylistic influences. Roger Thomas

Centiva Sigma

Wed 11 2010

This ultra modern design features strong linear elements in three striking colorations. Simple and sophisticated, Sigma may be installed using square tiles or create a unique look with a plank size. This product is available in popular sizes such as 12”x12”, 18”x18”, 4″x36″, 6″x36″ as well as other custom sizes. Sigma

Very special carpets, full of nuances, due to their variety of textures and colours. Patricia Urquiola

Lamp features a steel base with a rich.  A surface coloring, usually brown or green, produced by oxidation of bronze, copper or other metal. Patinas occur naturally and are also produced artificially for decorative effect of various hues of chocolate brown. The 8″ high, satin silk shade is painted with dye, which is hand applied with bamboo brushes. The steel base is hand forged. Stuart Loten, Loten Art Lightinga6907-016l

High Top Tea

Wed 12 2008

The sneaker portion of this teapot is hand-built of a self-made admixture of porcelain paperclay. The Chihuahua puppy’s head emerging from within is sculpted of white stoneware clay. Shoe laces are morphed to become larger and sturdier to serve as the teapot handle. Size: 11” x 8” x 4”. Porcelain Grace Meryl H. Ruth high-top-tea

Cool Comfort

Thu 12 2008

Powder Rooms. This large floorplan provides an easy path to all handicap-accessible fixtures. Choosing provocative materials to bolster what can sometimes be an offensive place became essential. Mesmerizing frosted sconces cast a luminous glow across the 12×24-inch textured porcelain walls. A stainless trough sink is the perfect contrast, while a striking Serafina granite counter provides refined style. Beautifully striated titanium hues of the 24×24-inch floor tiles installed on the diagonal renders undeniable quality. While maintenance of the finishes might seem intimidating, cleaning requirements are very basic. Lori W. Carroll cool-comfort

Best of both worlds

Fri 10 2008

This bathroom is in a restored, colonial-style home. To maintain its traditional character, the owner chose bathroomware from Kohler’s Revival range and tapware from the Fairfax range. A bidet from the Revival range was teamed with an Odeon tap to maintain the home’s French Colonial theme.

Here, a Revival pedestal basin on a Revival console takes centre stage. Revival accessories, including an oval mirror, offset its sleek curves. Kohler

What’s hot?

Wed 09 2008

A cosy fire will always be a focal point in a room, so it makes sense to ensure it complements your decor. This Jetmaster wood-burning fireplace forms a contemporary centrepiece. Jetmaster provides both wood- and gas-burning fireplaces, including balanced-flue fires that draw air for combustion from outside. This provides improved heat performance and air quality. Jetmaster Heat & Glo

Wed 09 2008

The bedhead to double up as a desk, so the homeowners are able to take in a pleasant view when they wake, and while they work.This master suite is on the top floor of the house, which is located on a busy corner. The bathroom and bedroom are visually linked by glass sliding doors, and motorised blinds are installed for privacy. Cabinetry is integrated into the bedroom walls. HYLA, Han Loke Kwang.

The chair caters for the user’s need to sit correctly while at the same time training important back muscles. The foot ring provides good shock absorbency and a feeling that one is sitting securely and very comfortably. The innovative part of this product lies primarily in the ball under the chair itself, which not only ensures a correct sitting position, but also helps actively train the user’s back muscles. BackUp AS