Drift bench

Thu 05 2007

drift-bench.jpgFurniture Design WINNER, Designed by Amanda Levete of Future Systems, for Established & Sons, the Drift bench is both sculptural and practical, reflecting Levete’s signature style. Made from glass-reinforced plastic, the bench is highly moulded and seats six people comfortably. Judges were impressed by the fluidity and seamlessness of the design.


Tue 05 2007


Body of Work Award, the revisiting of a classic:Bourgie the baroque table lamp. The revolutionary feature of this lamp is that it is made entirely of transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate.On the one hand, it is classical, rich and traditional, and on the other, it is innovative, transparent and ironic. The quality of the material and its extremely processing lend it the resemblace of a precious, crystal table lamp.

Tell a Friend

Mon 05 2007

98_07_best_hot_g_3.jpg                                                                                                                               Located in Buenos Aires’ hip district of Palermo Viejo, Home was designed nominees by architects Rodrigo Cunill and Juana Grichener. The exterior may be austere but the interiors are warm, light and airy thanks to a 300 sq m garden and 10m x 4m pool. All 17 rooms have their own distinct style with a retro theme mixing vintage European wallpapers, Chilean wool rugs and custom-made watambu wood beds with CD and book libraries, MP3 players and Wi-Fi.

KAA Shower fitting

Fri 05 2007


DesignPreis 2007 Winner. The Kaa shower fitting by agape convinced the jury with its innovative use of the anti-allergic material, silicon. The functional surfaces of the fittings curve outwards under water pressure. The design appeals for its simplicity and congenial colouration. It fulfils the principle task of good design, namely seeing things in a new light.

a-la-carte-tatamiscoop.jpgA brilliant novelty in gleaming porcelain. A la Carte, an award winning tableware design stands out from all the others. Origami, Tatami, Poncho, Papyrus, Nimbus and Scoop by the successful designer duo from England, Platt and Young, is made up of a variety of shapes in simple white porcelain. Everything fits together perfectly yet each three piece setting is completely different.

key-holder.jpgDesigned by Tomke Biallas and Grisella Kreiterling it is a beautifully simply slab of oak – not quite 15″ long x 2,3″ x 2″ (38 x 6 x 5 cm) – only treated with natural oil, that needs to be attached to a wall of your choice. Once attached you are pretty much ready to go. Simply stick your keys into the cut and that’s it, done. And your mail goes right on top, or your notes, your wallet; you get the point, anything that’s not too thick. That’s it, beautifully simple, sustainable and brand new!

hf_einsatz_1_04.jpgEnhance the status of soup: the “Soup culture” programme turns a “simple” soup into an individual taste experience. Combine just as you wish: several bowls of different depths, one tureen and two side dishes fit onto on only one universally-usable platter. The range is not only impressive for soup; the bowls and side dishes are just the right tableware for many meals: pasta, salad or muesli.Siegmund Paul Meyer GmbH


The IMPRESSA Z5 chrome is a fully automatic espresso and coffee machine which prepares specialities such as cappuccino at the touch of a button. A chrome-plated, elegant looking front made of solid aluminium arches toward the user; the operating elements are arranged clearly. Also check suplimente. The IMPRESSA Z5 chrome is lly automatic espresso and coffee machine whichvery quiet.

Prince Chair

Fri 05 2007

princechair.jpgDesigned by Louise Campbell in 2002, the Prince Chair is a dramatic seat fit for royalty. The Prince Chair was designed for a competition to create a chair for His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. The perforated design looks like a cut-out paper snowflake, but the materials used give it a high-tech, modern twist. The frame is black powder-coated steel and the seat is neoprene rubber and black wool.

James Plate

Thu 05 2007


James is a plate for events like openings, vernissages, stand-up parties, which means for occasions, where drinks and appetizers are served with style. A handy plate, that takes the food in its glazed hygienic inner area and holds all glasses with a handle within its special hollow. Due to its broad and unglazed edge, it provides good grip. Everything in one hand, guests always have a hand left to eat or to say `hello´ to their friends.