Aurea sofa

Fri 07 2010

The cubic form of the Aurea sofa is plain, a functional cushion serves an upright position if required, for example when the sofa is used spontaneously for writing, reading or multimedia use. A swivel function allows the couch to be turned by 90 degrees creating a comfortable relaxing area. Intertime AG

Due to this the seat is wide and offers the user many possibilities of changing his seating positions and also lounging and long stays in the chair. Furthermore, the design of the chair opens up for a variety of colour and material combinations, as the in- and outside can be individually upholstered in different fabric and leather qualities and colours. GlobeZero4 A/S

Lighting series

Fri 07 2010

LAMINA stands for a high-quality lighting series that features a harmonious balance between technical characteristics and a floral design vocabulary. The main elements are twelve individual lamella that form the shade, concealing the illuminant from direct view thanks to their arrangement. Light is guided and reflected by the lateral lamella. Philipp Glass

Floor lamp

Thu 07 2010

Floor lamp that leans on the wall, with brushed stainless steel shaft and wooden finish shade. It lets you move the shade up and down  to adjust for the desired lighting effect.  Glass cylinder with brass base, cap and hardware. Silver clear cord with satin nickel finish, or brown silk cord with antique brass finish. Sao Paulo


Thu 07 2010

A height-adjustable  bar stool,  with a simple elegance. The seat is available as a circle or oval, in wood or upholstered, and in understated or bright colours the perfect for private and public use. Thonet GmbH

Kitchen Sink

Thu 07 2010

These kitchen sinks with its symmetric design offers high convenience and formal generosity. The centric XL bowl features an elegant overflow and a recessed tap ledge. In combination with a retractable mixer tap the bowl can be discreetly covered by the two chopping boards and contributes to a perfectly tidy workspace. Blanco GmbH + Co KG 

Orizuru Chair

Wed 07 2010

Similar to an origami design, which is folded from only one piece of paper,  this chair when seen from the side seems to float in mid-air like a magical object. This chair is astounding: its complex structure is created via a special single moulding press technique an object of complexity that at the same time reflects the meditative simplicity of origami. Tendo Co., Ltd

Wave Hammock

Wed 07 2010

The WAVE hammock consists of electro-polished stainless steel and mesh. The canopy and seat sling are made from batyline. The fabric is semi-transparent while a offering protection by blocking 86 percent of the sun’s rays. The seat has a removable cushion in foam, fabric. It is an artwork that combines functionality with beauty and elegance.  Royal Botania

Is characterised by timeless and purist designs, fine materials, the best quality and outstanding seating comfort. Each item of furniture is handmade and unique . The style of Liberty establishes a symbiosis with the traditional teakwood material. solpuri GmbH

Vacuum cleaner

Tue 07 2010

Intelligent cleaning system provides maximum effectiveness and clean air output, the filter-cleaning mechanism is automatically activated. Four robust metal castors, a scratch-resistant titanium finish and a highly durable fabric hose make this vacuum cleaner suitable for home and for professional use. BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH