The Tulip series of sanitary fittings and washbasins features sleek styling and generous fittings, of clearly Scandinavian inspiration, in a wide variety of measurements and versions; suspended, supported, semi-built in.  Full, sensual lines emphasis the material without weighing it down and the soft lines carve a timeless modern look.  Angelletti Ruzza Azzurra bathroom1

Azzurra bathroom2

Pendant Lamp

Thu 10 2009

Suspension Lamp providing with direct light. Chalk body, with decorations in relief inside and liquid painted outside  is available in two sizes in white, brown, black or gold. The Skygarden pendant lamp showcases the looks of an antique white plaster ceiling surface hidden on the inside.  Flos GmbHLamp


Wed 10 2009

Gabbeh has long pile and abstract designs. Since the carpet is very thick and heavy, it was used as sleeping-mattress. The designs are made by the nomads, who pick on their experiences and adventures during their migrations and work them into their designs. Gabbeh, 154 x 201cm. Zollanvari AGcarpet1

The Don Corleone sofa, which want to abduct the owner into a gently caressing seating pleasure. Elaborate seaming art with ornamental stripes worked into felled seams is a striking design detail. Integrated drawing-ins in the seat, arm and backrests create a play of light and shadow emphasising a smooth inviting look. Bretz Wohnträume GmbHsofa


LAVA sofa

Mon 10 2009

The Lava Sofa Lounge is furniture, landscape, and sculpture, unusual in its uses, unique in its design and combined into a complex upholstered seating system.  Lava is an ultra-modern classical. Lavalava sofa

lava sofa1

Small Vases

Fri 10 2009

Special effect result in collectable piece of quality and originality. The finest of modern ceramics many colour and design as for small vases 17cmH . Caroline & Stephen Atkinson-JonesVases

Porcelain plates

Wed 10 2009

The contemporary porcelain for perfect tableware, but who truly enjoy fine dining , at a beautifully set table. Because it represent one of the most successful compositions of aesthetic. Arzberg-Porzellan GmbHPorcelain tableware

Table and chairs

Tue 10 2009

ALLUMETTE is the unique table and chair range with a filigree framework in the hardwood of the Arura Vermelho tree. Elegance and originality combine with stability. Constructed according to the same principles the chair is a perfect match for the table. Röthlisberger Schreinerei AGTable and chair

Table and chairs


Mon 10 2009

Diagonal lines of pure new wool which meet in the centre of this carpet seem to interfere with each other, the fine lines of ZAG are tufted. A higher velvet pile produces the harmonious interplay of the structure creating a relief effect which gets its distinct and incomparable character due to elaborate carving. JAB Teppiche Heinz Anstoetz KGRug

Karibu Rug

Fri 10 2009

The handmade look of the Kiruna rug is freshened up by lively accents in orange, structured surface creates light and shadow effects. This rug represents modesty and elegance. TISCA Textil GmbH & Co. KGRug