LAVA sofa

Mon 10 2009

The Lava Sofa Lounge is furniture, landscape, and sculpture, unusual in its uses, unique in its design and combined into a complex upholstered seating system.  Lava is an ultra-modern classical. Lavalava sofa

lava sofa1


Thu 10 2009

LET is a lamp designed for desk use, based on the most up-to-date technology. It provides optimum lighting for long desks. The light of the diodes is beamed onto the working surface without blocking the space above it either optically or physically. Baltensweiler AGLamp Tie


Wed 06 2009

tableTable with the thickness of 28mm with a special construction under the tabletop to keep it remain straight. The aesthetics of the wood is a real eye-catcher. The basic concept succeeded in combining the solid wood surfaces with delicate optics. Tisch & Stuhl Willisau AGtable 3

table 3.jpg5