Form_Z01 bedroom

Fri 06 2010

This universal multi-functional module, form_Z01 represents the following functions cloak room with six wide shelves and clothes rack it is a part of the metal frame workplace desk with built-in-lamp and two pull-out drawers, sliding bed for two persons. From the side of the wardrobe the desk is also used as a bar counter for parties. The whole unit takes only one quarter of the room space. Vladimir Yuzbashev

Monarchy Stool

Fri 06 2010

Stool is a convenient for occasional sitting or simply when an extra seat is needed, enforces stability, to offer freedom of movement. You can change your orientation with a push of your legs. Yiannis Ghikas

Elephant Seating sofa

Fri 06 2010

This sofa was designed intentionally to expose its construction technique as the form. Here, the act of folding synthesises the technological construction as well as the cultural construction of a sofa. Because of its resemblance to an elephant in terms of its colour, texture, and ear-like elements that act as armrests. Ben Ryuki Miyagi

Hanging Bookcase

Thu 06 2010

The Extensions lamp offers many possibilities it could be used as a floor lamp, or be fixed on to other pieces of furniture as an extension to give different light qualities. Bookcase made of wood planks for interior. Aïssa Logerot

Breathing chair

Thu 06 2010

Yu-Ying Wu is a young designer from Taiwan who has created the chair Breathing. When the user sits on the chair, the edges of the chair automatically become the armrest, also, when the user stands up from the chair, the chair returns to the original shape of a cube. The changing of shape is resulted from the weight of the user and the texture of the material, instead of using any mechanism. Wu Yu-Ying

Secret of Light

Thu 06 2010

Secret of Light is a lighting system whose appearance and operation is based on the dandelion flower and our typical interaction with it. The operation of Secret of Light mimics the popular real-life action of blowing onto a dandelion flower. The individual light bulbs that form the shape of a dandelion flower light up when the user shakes the stem. Qin Xue, Cao Xiaoxiao, Wei Hangshuai

This system, based on split and laminated bamboo, can be used in various applications, from furniture, to lightweight shelters, to modular systems,  hand-crafted and sustainable. Sandeep Sangaru

Bamboo stool

Wed 06 2010

Bambool is a stool made with natural bamboo tube that is partially treated and woven by hand.The most striking features of this extra lightweight stool are its bamboo tube legs and the weaving structure that connects them under the seat. Chou Yu-Jui, Su Su-Jen

Air Chair

Wed 06 2010

The technique for this piece relies on the close interlocking of seven curved wooden laths aseembled in decreasing height. Material is honed to the strict essential, but the rhythm of the laths creates a visual effect. Stacked Air Chairs save space and provide graphic and colourful animation. Samuel Accoceberry

Built-In Sink

Thu 01 2010

This built-in sink made of glass-ceramic displays clear lines and gives the impression of a professional kitchen due to its exclusive materials. The qualitatively superior sink centre is part of the VarioLine series and can therefore be combined with several devices of this series. Küppersbusch Hausgeräte AG