Sublime Faucet

Tue 01 2010

The design of the top of the arc-base brings people a fantastic visual sense and a feeling of security. a sublime faucet and a matching accessory, consisting of one unprecedented coherent arc, shows magnificent beauty and an interpretation of a rainbow. Zhejiang Yatin Bath Corporation

Porter Tray table

Mon 12 2009

This delightful side table fits neatly beside a sofa or a bed. Its C-shaped supporting frame allows the table to be pulled over to the seat of a sofa. The removable plastic tray makes it easy to be cleaned up.  Studio Domo Inc

The Earth is irradiated with a scene that is so resplendent and magnificent as if the user would have been brought back to the thriving and prosperous Tang dynasty. “Sunrise” brings high-end electronic technology into every household. Xiamen Renshui Industries Co., Ltd.