Dyson Airblade

Fri 06 2008


Dyson Airblade™ is a new type of hand dryer that uses a high velocity blade of air to wipe hands dry more hygienically and faster than any other hand dryer. Dyson Airblade is faster and more hygienic than any other hand dryer. Dyson Appliances.

Aero 1

Thu 06 2008

Aero condenses all technology and sophistication in a front of only 11 mm thik.

The structure in island has been designed to hold up heavy loads with only 4 points of support that combine resistance and visual elegance. Mbalco.

Amalfi Bath

Wed 06 2008

As a dramatic architectural statement, the Amalfi incorporates the very latest thinking in contemporary bath design. Clean lines are achieved through rimless simplicity and a full apron, which descends gracefully to the floor, conceals all waste pipe work. Ideal for use with the latest floor or wall mounted tapware. Victoria & Albert baths.


Tue 06 2008

Overlap. No moving parts. No fussy gadgets. Just a simple, understated design concept that makes you wonder why no one thought of it before.

Roller blinds aren’t anything new but with our exclusive and patented Overlap system, any number of roller blinds can now be linked together, each perfectly overlapping the next. Large window spaces can now be covered with ease while putting a stop to the beams of light that normally enter the room between blinds.
Designed Blinds Australia

Ergonomically designed controls on the side of the Electrolux Integrated barbecue ensure it drops seamlessly into any bench or working surface.This ensures the continuity of flowing lines is not disturbed by unsightly installation. The Electrolux Integrated is available with a discreet lid or roasting hood – depending on your design or cooking preference.

A funky, thoughtful design followed through with an intelligent manufacturing process – a refreshing combination. Stevie English Range

Star Cookerhood

Thu 05 2008

The Star Range Hoos will add style and flare to your kitchen, even if you only make grilled cheese sandwiches. The three-speed range hood with built in odour filters is draped in hundreds of tiny glass prisms. Besides the high end aesthetics, the thing I love the best is the slick remote control. Elica

Tandem Sunloungeri

Thu 05 2008

Well designed, functional and practical Sunlounger with amazing attention to detail. It has a ‘body-friendly’ aesthetic – the only thing missing is a daiquiri! Classique Leisure Products