Galaxy Chandalier

Wed 02 2011

Galaxy chandelier, handcrafted aluminum modern fixture, quality and raftsmanship of the originals to create a light that will last a lifetime or more. Here you see our Galaxy chandelier and its warm starlight twinkle illuminating a dining room.  Rejuvenation. Rejuvenation

This table has a base that break away from conventional design of four feet. Foot of the sloping shape and materials used fully use hardwoods. A special design for your home or boardroom.Izm

Lumen Vent Hood

Mon 02 2011

Miele positions ventilation in a powerful new light with the debut of its stylish Lumen (DA 6290) ventilation hood. The hood offers a unique, multi-colored LED light band that’s artfully integrated into the elegant edge of a slimline stainless steel canopy. Miele

Regent Chair

Tue 02 2011

The Regent Chair is Neoteric Luxury’s vision of old world luxury, featuring 100% reclaimed teak, outdoor mesh and reticulated flow-through foam. A very nice chair comfortable and stylish. Neoteric Luxury