The new Duette Architella shade design form three distinct air pockets for increased insulation against heat and cold.  Are available in translucent block out fabric which has a duo tone design with a natural white on the outside to create a consistent view from the inside whilst offering superior light reflections. Hunter Douglas Inc


Mon 02 2010

Island’ is a modular lounge that is a response to the variety of functions a sofa must perform. The lounge is made up of a seat, back, two arms, side table and tatami mat that sits over the ottoman module. The aesthetic was designed to be timeless in its simplicity, elegance and style. Ferguson Design Studio

Sunray Lounge

Thu 01 2010

Sunray is a blissful lounge designed specifically for relaxation in a fashion well suited to the antipodean ‘bronzed Aussie’ ethos. The Sunray lounge is ergonomically engineered in polyethylene to maximise comfort. This sleek and stylish lounger is perfect for use outdoor. Steendyk and BNEcreative

The ordinary looking shower head pictured above is not run of the mill. Guys, it’s an innovative shower head that allows you to lower your water consumption. The Perfectflow Ultimate Showerhead is a high quality water and energy saving device with 3…. This showerhead have a nice design and aesthetics or performance. Perfectflowshowerhead

great-wall-of-warburtongreat-wall-of-warburton24Wall House presents a deceptively mute block on approach. Spaces are organised and anchored from the Wall, which unfolds as one moves through the house. Each interior space becomes a framing device for a new, subtly individual angle outwards. Level changes are also strategically placed to demarcate specific living zones as well as contributing to the sense of journey the inhabitants encounter as they navigate the Wall. BKK Architects great-wall-of-warburton3


Project Yarra House

Wed 05 2009

yarra-house3The relaxed sophistication that characterizes Yarra House  use of colour is at once textural, refined and elegant. The designers have crafted a complex interior that expertly considers colour through material, form, texture and light. Leeton Pointon Architects, Susi and Allison Pyeyarra-house12yarra-house32

IXL Tastic Neo

Mon 05 2009

ixl-tastic-lampThe IXL Tastic Neo lights is the answer for the next generation of bathrooms, is constructed from the best quality materials. It’s original in design and sophisticated of made in Australia. neo-singleaneo-singlebneo-singlec

Tahi Shower System

Wed 04 2009

shower-systemTahi is a luxurious water and energy saving shower system, integrates pure functionality with iconic form. The ergonomically designed shower system emits a waterfall of 3000 droplets per second and consumes only nine liters per minute while the hand shower with twin jet performance consumes only 7.5 liters per minute. Methven Ltdshower-system2shower-system3