Mirage rug

Mon 09 2010

The quality of this rug, design and the colours are very good, wool of excellent quality. Zollanvari AG

Mira Magnetic

Tue 06 2010

Mira 360 Magnetic Fittings Kit comes with the stylish Mira 360i showerhead complete with Flipstream Technology – 1 flip action, 4 unique sprays. Iconic and striking, a unique aesthetic statement.  Works with any shower on any system. Mira 360i showerhead with Flipstream Technology. Magnetic slidebar. Clamp bracket. Shower gel hook/hose tidy.
1.25m metal hose with brass conical ends and engineering strength plastic liner. Includes wall fixings
Kohler Mira

Cobi chair

Fri 04 2010

Steelcase Cobi Office Chair accommodates the various movements of each individual sitter. Intuition is key when it comes to the supportive system of this chair; a weight-activated mechanism upholds perfect posture, without limiting the body’s full range of motion. 14 vibrant shades add life and color to the office. Pearson Lloyd

Peggy table

Tue 04 2010

Made from ash wood, the Peggy series is designed for both residential dining and commercial use; a workbench version is available with tops in custom sizes and optional cable management.  PearsonLloyd

Surface chair

Tue 04 2010

This product is an evolution of the Surface Table, a collaboration between designer Terence Woodgate and famed Formula One designer John Barnard. The same materials and processes define the supreme strength and slim, elegant form. The chair’s slender profile and highly polished finish reveal the structure of this exceptional material inherent in layered carbon fiber. Terence Woodgate and John Barnard

404 H barstool

Tue 04 2010

The seat is completely embedded into the depth of the legs, which provides the necessary stability and mirrors the backrest of the 404 chairs. As with all the other chairs in the 404 family, this barstool is produced entirely from moulded plywood, including beech. Stefan Diez 

Nuur table

Mon 04 2010

Nuur  is a new system of 4-leg tables with clean lines and a refined design aesthetic. In white for minimalist settings, with a wood veneer top, or in red for a more striking style, Nuur can be customised by combining different finishes for the top with a range of colours for the structure. Simon Pengelly

Houdini Chair

Mon 04 2010

The side chair and chair with armrest are the first two items in the new chair family ch04 Houdini.  Made from lacquered oak-veneered plywood, both chairs have been designed to perfectly complement all e15 tables. Both chairs are available oak-veneered plywood clear, jet black, signal white and traffic grey lacquered finishes as well as custom colours. Stefan Diez