The shade is made of drawn steel and coated with smooth, high-gloss painting. The suspension technology is masculine in construction, creating the right counterbalance to the shades feminine lines. The suspension assembly consists of curved steel rods and two pieces of die-cast, aluminium-zinc alloy coated in matt chrome. De de ce


This beautifully made cheese knife has been cast and forged from stainless steel, with strange shape. Have an excellent weight in the hand. Oliver Smith


These set will not spice up only your meal but your table setting as well.It’s your conventional salt and pepper shakers but with a twist. Zuii


Mance Design is always experimenting with new materials and pushing them to their limits. And this is a good example of an experiment with new materials.Ghost Story give’s a mysterious and eccentric air to room.   Mance Design

Sundeck – Duravit

Thu 03 2008


Here. There. Everywhere. In the bathroom. In the living room. On the patio…Sundeck, the all-new bathtub by Duravit is a stroke of pure geniu . It’s like a casket containing something precious and thanks to an ingenious cover designed to keep the fragrant bath water warm. Duravit


A game between soft colors, lighted by the same center.The different lenghts give’s a  strange air and it make’s more attractive like design.Marc Pascal


A new dimension.The strange shape take us to the future and make the room special.Milk Furniture

Husque 2007 set

Wed 03 2008


With a special design and a note of optimism.The pieces of the set are practically and have interesting shapes.Husque


Created by australian designer Abi Alice, resonance is another step into her exploration of form and mathematics. Made of stainless steel.The name resonance is derived from her conviction that when the final composition is harmonious, it is like a melodic sound resonating in the air. Abi Alice



A truly original design consisting of two parts locked together by a hidden magnet. This silverplated candelabra is stunning, ergonomic design and superior finish make this a very desirable item indeed.Charles Wilson