Vanity Fair

Fri 07 2010

Framed inset cabinetry with traditional fluted detailing, raised sink base panels, and simple wainscot panels for sconces suggest an elegant antique quality. The finish is a fresh white paint a chocolate maple wood floor. Behind the mirror doors at each sink is a medicine cabinet built into angled corners, with enough depth to house daily items. Jack LaRoe Busby


A New Tradition

Fri 07 2010

Sophistication and elegance to this traditional classic kitchen design, hand-carved  moldings, island legs, and mullion doors. Antique glass cabinets are designed to display while the islands, which also provide seating, boast carved reeded legs, intricate base moldings, and Venitino marble tops. This design introduces a new traditional style. Jennie Weiland

Ahead of the Curve

Thu 07 2010

The rounded effects are conveyed through a hood fan with an arch bottom, bowed chairs and stools, bent veneered panels on the island’s back, and a rounded table and bar. Two Sub-Zero integrated refrigerators present a curved stainless image with thick wood as a frame. Richard J. Farrell

This showroom was designed around the idea of a quiet flowing waterfall. What better focal point than one drawn from nature’s own grace and beauty?. Deep brown cabinetry and an island with a reconstituted rosewood veneer contrast blue and green glass with a warm earthy hue. Qualities of nature’s beauty are created with grey stone, polished stainless steel, and glass that result in a showroom display deserving of the front window. Elina Katsioula-Beall

Wall Appeal

Thu 07 2010

With the new design, a central foyer remained at the foot of the basement staircase. Adjacent to this space was an alcove, well suited for a built-in wall unit that would serve in visual focus and function. Four doors finished with diagonal oak veneer, mitered to create a diamond and surrounded by a wide back-beveled frame, create appeal for the exterior. This wall unit shines through as the point where function and furniture meet style. Sheena Hammond

Home Office Deluxe

Wed 07 2010

A magnificent office space added to house and modern technology  this unique octagonal room. Concealed behind the door are pull-out shelves that can be used as additional work surface. A recessed media cabinet frees up floor space. The spacious office accommodates all the conveniences of a custom office. The glazed toffee cabinets with cherry accents create a warm color scheme.  Holly Rickert

Deco in Color

Wed 07 2010

Fun shines bright in a spacious sophisticated family room, as separate but related areas provide comfort, conversation, and interaction. Marble floors with a radiant heat system, a cathedral ceiling, custom light fixtures, and hand-painted pendant halogen lights over the bar and billiard table indigenous art, and sculpture. Sharon L. Sherman