wooden carpet

Thu 11 2007

2006-01-2866-a.jpgThe aesthetically as well as functionally designed wooden carpet consists of 6mm thick hardwood lamellae, which have been put together using a polyol mass. This permanent adhesion makes the 4mm thick seam elastic and highly flexible. The wooden carpet adjusts to the surface underneath and can be laid without a special substructure. Thanks to its “rubber-like” seams it does not slide on slippery surfaces. The wooden carpet is made to measure in all kinds of hardwood. It can be used on both sides and has been oiled for protection.

2006-01-0215-e.jpgCorner expresses the current lifestyle trend to multifunctionality: It may be used as bed as well as a piece of furniture for relaxation. The spatial and functional separation between living and sleeping is overcome by the character of its design. The furniture is flexible and may be adapted spontaneously to the various requirements of its user.


The charming form of elegantly curved leaves designed by Dedon GmbH served as model for the couches with a suitable side table. In two different sizes as single or double bed their composition may entice you to sensual high spirits communicating their harmony with nature.

osteogenetic chair

Fri 02 2007

osteo2.jpgSimilar to the structure of bones, one single material is used for the solid outer shell and the internal micro grid of this laser sintered chair.Seductive freeform surfaces associated with fibre reinforced materials gave the Osteogenetic chair designee by Timothy Schreiber the statut of The design concept of  2006

Starck X bathtub

Wed 02 2007

bathtub1.jpg The genuine and original nature of the basic element of water finds its expression in a minimalist design aimed at recalling a bygone era and, in doing so, creating a formal bridge to the present with this wonderfull bathtub.


Thu 12 2006

rollertoaster.jpgDesigned: Jaren Goh

The ROLLERtoaster is pretty self explanatory: stick bread in one side, and watched it get rolled into toast by the compact little unit.

Athenik LED luminaire

Tue 10 2006

athenik-led-luminaire.jpgDesign: Trilux-Lenze GmbH + Co KG

The square-shaped recessed downlights of the Athenik LED series reveal a straight-lined structure designed for highest formal demands.

Control spot

Tue 10 2006

control-spot.jpgDesign: Klaus Baulman

The Control is a spot with a sharp architectural basic form. It combines modern materials with matt black and matt nickel metal surfaces.

Every Square light

Tue 10 2006

every-square-light.jpgDesign: Studio Dinnebier

The design of the Every Square features control gear housing and lamp housing that are identical in terms of geometry and dimensions.

F-air light

Tue 10 2006

f-air-light.jpgDesign: David Taylor Metallformgivare

F-air can be wall- or ceiling-mounted, used singularly or arranged as a group, F-air can be fitted, hung on a hook or simply leaned against a wall.