Contemporary Cooking

Wed 06 2010

This traditional-style was in need of a kitchen renovation. The broad shelves over two side-by-side ovens offer just the showplace for some of her collection. Jennifer L. Gilmer

Contemporary Cooking

Wed 06 2010

A wall that blocked the view to the family room was removed. After the dining room entrance was relocated, the cooking area could be placed against the back wall to create a delightful backdrop for this state-of-the-art design. A large prep sink is conveniently placed in the island, along with Sub-Zero refrigerator drawers. Siri Evju

Ocean Oasis

Wed 06 2010

A unique kitchen, open spaces that  but still maintain a warm cozy desire for a new approach to cabinetry drew her to an Asian style with a sculpted door. Rich warm walnut balanced cool hues of frosted glass, which has the effect of bringing the blues and greens of the ocean into the home. Jennifer L. Gilmer

Adam says that gates can “welcome people rather than act as barriers. Gates should be tactile and enjoyable. They should foster a feeling of excitement as you stand on the threshold”. “To open and close is the fundamental function of a gate, but they must do so perfectly and interestingly”. “Ironwork is like jewellery. Gates in front of a house give you a feeling about the person who commissioned the work, rather like a person wearing contemporary jewellery, it is a way of expressing individuality”. Adam Booth

This striking bowl is the start of a new body of work. This intricate designs are delicate yet still quite a bold statement. The construction of these bowls is very time consuming, bullseye glass 25cm x 25cm. Adam Hussain

Shell bowl

Tue 06 2010

These glass shell bowls are inspired by shell forms, each one being a unique shape created by the mould I make by hand for each new bowl. The glass shell bowls are available in five sizes, with diameters of approximately 70cm, 42cm, 29cm, 20cm or 12cm. Steve Robinson

Teak Retreat

Mon 06 2010

New walls to the left and right of the back wall completed the U-shaped kitchen, with room for a large pantry, double ovens, a wine cooler, six burner gas cooktop, and a Sub-Zero refrigerator. The family room is bridged with a curved custom buffet and cabinet. Black honed granite counters compliment the grain-matched teak cabinets.  Siri Evju