Kato is designed for today’s fast moving lifestyle. Compact styling and low-line profile make
Kato perfect for apartments and studios. The flexible modular system can also create large configurations for media and family rooms. Interchange the arms, backs and tables to change the look and suit the mood. Simply adjust
the legs to change the height. Timber tray tables can be used as side tables or dining trays.
With the King Furniture guaranteed steel frame and feather-down cushioning, Kato delivers
style and comfort. And when friends and family stay, Kato converts to a luxurious bed. 3840mm W x 960/2880mm D. King Furnitureuntitled16

Lanark Fusion Rectangular Freestanding Bath White Length: 1750, Width: 780, Height: 650. Reeceuntitled11

South Australian owned and designed, we at BBQnique® have spent the time to ensure that cooking is never a chore again. From breakfast to dinner, the only problem it presents is what to cook! Later, when the cooking is over, it immediately transforms into a stunning outdoor table. Now that’s impressive!  The elegant lines are designed to suit any decor. The combination of natural granite and stainless steel allows you to blend BBQnique® into your home with your choice of chairs – and create a unique style of your own. Ikeauntitled10

Y-Front Side Table

Thu 02 2009

The next Australian Y-Front classic. Sculptural side table emphasises the organic lines of the moulded ply form and the wood underside. Applications include office,  reception, residential. Side table capable of taking centre stage!
Looks great on its own or with seating one or both sides. Sculptural and functional.
A Y-Front you can confidently expose to your friends and colleagues! 600mm W (250mm at the narrowest point) x 710mm D x 430mm H, 17mm thick plywood. Ikeauntitled9

Flosion is a multifunctional object, which accentuates great uses of creativity and practicality. It can function as a singular stool, a bench system or side table. The natural form, influenced by water waves is the concept behind Flosion. Flosion has a social dimension that brings people and ideas together. By connecting the stools together, it explores the unlimited potential of people’s creativity and energy exchange. Dimensions – W715mm x D440mm x H455mm. WOODMARKflosion_seat_table_by_woodmark_finalist_in_furniture_category_gallery__578x400

Ikea’s new Ange Chair black  may look like it’s made of rattan, but it’s actually made of twisted paper. And lest you doubt the strength of paper, I should note that I used to have a bench made from twisted paper, and it was pretty darn strong (at least, it held up under the weight of a couple of ladies lounging on it on a Spring afternoon). I think a few of these would look great on a patio or deck. The twisted paper is covered with a clear acrylic lacquer, so it should be somewhat weather resistant, though I wouldn’t push my luck: If it looks like Spring showers, bring this baby insideHandwoven; each piece of furniture is unique. Material properties similar to rattan. Width: 37 “,  Depth: 35 “, Height: 39 “, Seat width: 37 “, Seat depth: 20 7/8 “, Seat height: 16 1/8 “. Ikea80867_pe205330_s41