Class cooktop

Mon 11 2009

This high-class cooktop is the latest solution for the advanced cook. With its combination of a powerful 4 kW gas burner and a rapid 2.2 kW electrical induction zone, it lets you cook with as much or as little heat as possible.Thin and scratch-resistant. Siemens Electrogeräte GmbH

With its minimalist stylistic language, the integrated handle strips and dark glass doors this cooling solitaire corresponds to current design trends. The remote-controlled screen is hidden behind the glass front. Besides, the device features a USB port, a DVB-T tuner, and it is HD ready. In the interior there is a large zero-degree zone with drawers. Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH

Furniture Modules

Mon 11 2009

The furniture modules in the Ypsilon by Geba line provide solutions for the innovative design of living space that goes “far beyond the kitchen”. The use of forms in the aluminium profiles which are applied both horizontally and vertically underscores the puristic and timeless appearance of this range.  Geba Möbelwerke GmbH

Office Chair

Fri 11 2009

In a flowing bend the front surfaces harmoniously turn towards the back surfaces. The body of the chair is cast from white plastics; the outside features a high-gloss surface. Züco Bürositzmöbel AG

Bathroom cabinet

Fri 11 2009

The design accent of the free-standing bathtub is focused on the elegant stylistic language.  The outlines of the various consoles, vanity units and tall cabinets are also gently rounded. This bathroom furnishing a timeless, comfortable ambience. PuraVida makes minimalism approachable by giving it a delicate, feminine touch. Everything for a beautiful bathroom. Duravit AG

Range hood

Fri 11 2009

The application of “COANDA” principles and the arc-shaped inlet design ensures the smokes flow orderly, triple oil separation technique extracts the smoke thoroughly and ensures lasting suction power.The temperature difference ensures the smoke and grease be absorbed separately and rapidly. FOTILE Kitchenware Co., Ltd

Thanks to the flexible-mounted seat muscles at the lower back and pelvis are supported and strengthened. The product is available in various colours and there is a choice of three versions with the backrest featuring either pad or full upholstery or it is made of pure plastics. Sitag AG

Cobi Swivel Chair

Thu 11 2009

An intuitive weight-activated mechanism automatically responds to each movement thus supporting individual seating positions. Steelcase Werndl AG

The four shelf elements are placed in the outer cover and braced with each other without the aid of tools. Mounting additional cubes is simply done by sticking them together. The flexible cover is made of translucent synthetics and the interior parts are made of MDF nature, MDF white-coated with natural edges or MDF black-imbued. Gube GmbH & Co KG

Tripod Burner

Wed 11 2009

This “fireplace”, formerly everyone’s kitchen, was a communication center and played a critical role. The tripod burner originates from the shape of firewood in a bonfire, with the logs leaning against each other. Yu-ri Lee