Giant Chair

Tue 06 2009

The Giant chair was originally commissioned to rest in the grounds of a 15th Century Manor House. Its popularity has meant it’s now a piece, which is made to order and can be enjoyed indoors or out. Being twice the size of a normal chair, it’s made out of solid British Oak and steam bent into shape. The quality of craftsmanship, a truly robust design and specifically selected materials will assure this piece’s legacy for years to come. Tom RaffieldChair



Fruit bowl

Mon 06 2009

One-O-One is made by Royal Stafford,  the bowl  of modern design, it’s also exceptionally well priced and affordable.  It’s timeless and will look fantastic in both contemporary interiors and as a spark of life in the more traditional ones.” Royal StaffordFruit bowl

Bent plywood frame, veneered with natural or wenge-stained oak. Top in 10-mm thick tempered plate glass. Dimensions:90 x 90 x H 53 cm, 90 x 120 x H 53 cm. Alex TaylorCoffeeTableCoffeeTable3

Jeeves ceiling lamp

Thu 06 2009

Jeeves pendant is a classic felt Bankers Bowler Hat with a metal lining. The pendant has an inbuilt ceiling fitting with black ceiling canopy. Is a very stylish looking lamp, and especially. Jake Phippsjeeves lamp Ajpg

jeeves lamp 2jpg


Wed 06 2009

This Peony rug is entirely handmade, from the spinning of the wool to the weaving on the loom. It is unique, and has been crafted by weavers, whose skills have been passed down through many generations. We use only the highest quality wool for our rugs, for durability, rich texture and subtle colour variation. To this we have added the vision of a world class designer, and the result is a hand knotted and carved contemporary rug of extraordinary beauty.  Helen Amy Murrayrug Amy Murray

Yve Apartment Fit-out1A functional, yet bespoke, apartment was achieved by dividing the existing open living room into more usable, zoned spaces, with the careful arrangement of joinery preventing the obstruction of views. The study was re-orientated to become more usable and to project greater presence. Darker finishes at the entry soften the transition from the dimly lit corridor to the light filled apartment and striking wallpaper, inspired by the branch-like columns punching through the space, provides drama and personality. Heavily textured finishes combine with smooth reflective materials to produce an air of opulence. Dianna SnapeYve Apartment Fit-outAYve Apartment Fit-out3

Soundwave Cabinet

Mon 06 2009

Versatile storage space made in solid wood with internal drawers featuring hand cut dovetails. They create contemporary furniture that is comfortable to use and live with. To them good wood makes good furniture. Natural forms, architectural shapes, unusual grain patterns in timber and decorative joint detailing influence their designs. Beautiful and unique furniture traditional cabinetmaking techniques. Dimensions (mm): W630xD460xH1230. David and Stephanie Mawdsley


coffee table2‘Gorge’ is a coffee table with a shape of a gorge. Designing it, I strived to put it in a form so that elements composing of a table such as a top board and legs may become one element, not individual elements. The shape of a gorge folded in a V shape itself plays a structural role of supporting the top board of the table, and plays a role of holding, keeping magazines or books as well as completing an aesthetic form of the table. Ramei Keum

coffee table

coffee table3


Thu 06 2009

RUG  BLACKThe Stella felt rug is made from felted 100% merino wool and will add a decorative talking point to any home. The design, a contemporary take on lacemaking, looks equally striking on carpet or natural wood floors. The rug measures 1.2 metres in diameter x 6 mm thick (cream) and 5.5 mm thick (black and purple).  100% wool. Available in Black, Purple and natural un-dyed Cream. Michelle Masonrug

stell rug black


Wed 06 2009

tableTable with the thickness of 28mm with a special construction under the tabletop to keep it remain straight. The aesthetics of the wood is a real eye-catcher. The basic concept succeeded in combining the solid wood surfaces with delicate optics. Tisch & Stuhl Willisau AGtable 3

table 3.jpg5