Designed as a simple wire or rail system Spice inspires you to show initiative and create your individual light arrangement. Different spots and pendant lights can be combined discretionarily. It is possible to floodlight a whole the room or to spotlight one single object. Different light variations are realised with only one branch connection. To this end, tiny special lights by Paulmann are used offering high light output and long service life.


Hercules cooker

Mon 01 2008


Hercules of the innovative New Wave™ bakeware series is a technologically advanced silicone cooking utensil. It features an innovative, sturdy and wavelike edge along the top rim of the cooker to improve its overall rigidity and to prevent it from flopping in the oven. It is also equipped with a non-slip soft grip feature on the handles. The cooker is made of 100 per cent pure silicone and has a glossy non-stick finish with a temperature range from –50 to +300 degrees centigrade, making the removal of baked food easy. It is also microwave and dishwasher safe.


With the new Arena Style range of internals for kitchen units, Kesseböhmer offers yet another way of adding visible value to kitchens. Giving the new Arena Style fittings their characteristic visual impact are the unforgettable, flat-sided railings. The railings are made of two horizontal steel bands linked by vertical strips. The design elements have been reduced to the essentials, the wider railing makes a striking and visually dominant effect. The moment the kitchen unit is opened, the internal fittings communicate a strong message of added value. Accentuating the horizontal lines gives the railing a clear structure that is the perfect match for the uncluttered lines of contemporary, often no-handles, kitchen designs. The perfect combination of shape, material and surface finish lend Arena Style its special appeal. The new Arena Style versions of trays for almost all unit types are now available. The distinctive clarity of Arena Style is an elegant and striking addition to any kitchen element. Functional elements with high user benefits, such as matching dividers and a user-friendly RutschStopp anti-slip coating, are available for both ranges. Kesseböhmer supplies the railing systems with any current galvanised or powder-coated finish.


The outstanding design of this hot water storage is a symbol of its innovative concept: all basic components, such as the hydraulic storage loading set and electrical and safety-related components, are integrated into the overall shape of the product. The selection of materials reflects the requirements necessary for technically complex, yet reliable products, and offers optimum heat insulation combined with low standby energy losses. The new insulation and jacket design facilitates simple installation and assembly of the device. The insulation will not be damaged during installation, and installation time is significantly reduced. Vaillant .


Little Field Of Flowers is a rug that integrates the classical flower ornament in an innovative composition. The flowers are not woven into the rug as a pattern but are individually punched out and appliquéd afterwards by hand. The result is a shimmering carpet strewn with blossoms, the look and feel of which is reminiscent of a real meadow of flowers. In living spaces it becomes an eye-catcher that provides space for daydreams.little-field-of-flowers-rug.jpg

There are six distinct shapes of flower combinations, in three different tonalities, which creates an intriguing composition that’s all about movement, texture and color. A witty approach to a floor covering, Boontje brings the experience of walking through a meadow into an interior space.


The Mosa Matt Collection® represents a revolutionary development in glazing technology. The advantage of a glazed surface is that it makes tiles acid-resistant, shockproof, non-fading and easy to clean. The drawback of glazing, however, is that it produces smooth surfaces and tiles therefore always have a slight shine to them. With the help of Mosa’s innovative ZRB technology, glazed tiles can now be produced which have a matt (powder) surface while retaining the functional properties of glazing. The new method makes it possible to produce aesthetic tiled walls which are matt and which can be combined with unglazed floor tiles to create a completely monochrome room.mosa-3.jpg


In its design, the tacto 80.1 light switch combines an elegant look with the use of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. One touch on the flat surface made of matt, brushed stainless steel is enough to switch the light on or off. At night, an illumination is activated in the narrow border of the switch, so that it can be seen easily even in the dark.



The Field paper yarn carpet has a balanced design with monochrome stripes giving the rhythm for the tinged bi-coloured stripes. In the production process Woodnotes has applied a new spinning method, spinning two paper yarns into one string. Field is available in six colour combinations, natural, white, black and stone (light grey). The paper string is a strong and durable, ecologically recyclable material. The dense fibre and the weaving density assure that no dust and dirt can get stuck. Therefore the carpets are also suitable for people with a dust allergy. The paper yarn carpets withstand humidity and due to their density are fire-resistant.


Marchesi cutlery

Tue 01 2008


Marchesi cutlery is an extravagant line of very specific, innovative eating tools for the gourmet sector. Delicate, slender proportions and precise, angular forms emphasise the tool-like character. Mirror-finish surfaces additionally highlight the strikingly slanted surfaces. The high-quality pieces are completely forged. Marchesi handles are trapezium-shaped and comfortable to hold. The monoblock knives have a remarkably wide blade underlining the presence of the cutlery, which is made of polished stainless steel 18/10 and is dishwasher-safe.


Tin is a fine, rustling crepe ground fabric into the weft of which broad and narrow lurex yarns have been alternately woven. They give the fabric an aluminium look and create its silvery shimmering appearance. The striped effect is further enhanced by cutting open the regular weft designs. Depending on the colouration of the fabric, the stripes remain more or less open, so that the dark and unobtrusively weft-patterned ground becomes visible. JAB .