Lava Grill

Tue 12 2009

This lava grill provides an authentic grill experience, Its flush-mounted matt black glass cover displays an appealing line shape in combination with other appliances of this series. The lamellar structure of the induction element is striking; its flush-surrounding stainless steel trims are discernible as a detail typical of the brand-specific design language. Robert Bosch Hausgeräte

Glass ceramic cooktop

Mon 12 2009

Ttraditional cooking is also possible with this ceramic grill, like all models of this product series it has brand-specific design features. The touch control interface permits direct selection of heat settings appealingly accompanied by functional illumination. Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH.

Karibu Rug

Fri 12 2009

This rug represents modesty and elegance at an advanced level of manufacture. The structured surface creates light and shadow effect. TISCA Textil GmbH & CO Kilogram

Garden Funnel Chair

Thu 12 2009

Striking but comfortable chair in fumed air-dried oak, the funnel chair to order in three sizes and various timbers for internal and external use. The natural beauty of wood is enhanced.  Angus Ross


Wed 12 2009

A beautiful interpretation of a truly traditional nomadic design, the quality is incredible!. Bakhtiari 115 x 145cm. Aghamiri Persian Rugs

The table is the C28 Loft Pot Rack of Pickled Ash w steel rods for pot storage and dish racks. As with all of our original, bench made furniture, the C28 series can be customized to meet your needs whether for a sink or a range top AND by enlarging the legs to 5″ x 7″ we can drop conduit for plumbing, electrical or gas. DesignSolutions, Inc

Porter Tray table

Mon 12 2009

This delightful side table fits neatly beside a sofa or a bed. Its C-shaped supporting frame allows the table to be pulled over to the seat of a sofa. The removable plastic tray makes it easy to be cleaned up.  Studio Domo Inc

The Earth is irradiated with a scene that is so resplendent and magnificent as if the user would have been brought back to the thriving and prosperous Tang dynasty. “Sunrise” brings high-end electronic technology into every household. Xiamen Renshui Industries Co., Ltd.

Velas Lounge Chair

Fri 12 2009

This classy lounge chair Velas transports the principles of classical modernism and subtle forms, fascinating design and innovative upholstery into the future. The subtle and inviting seating furniture is suitable for places where a relaxed but elegant atmosphere is desired. Wilkhahn Wilkening + Hahne GmbH+Co

Sahara Flower Pot

Thu 12 2009

Flower pots with elegant design for indoor and outdoor use with the option to install fluorescent illuminants inside the pot, Sahara turns into a fascinating luminaire. The pots consist of durable waterproof polyethylene and are available in different colours and sizes, inner lighting available with fluorescent lamps.  Gandia Blasco S.A