The IMPRESSA Z5 chrome is a fully automatic espresso and coffee machine which prepares specialities such as cappuccino at the touch of a button. A chrome-plated, elegant looking front made of solid aluminium arches toward the user; the operating elements are arranged clearly. Also check suplimente. The IMPRESSA Z5 chrome is lly automatic espresso and coffee machine whichvery quiet.

James Plate

Thu 05 2007


James is a plate for events like openings, vernissages, stand-up parties, which means for occasions, where drinks and appetizers are served with style. A handy plate, that takes the food in its glazed hygienic inner area and holds all glasses with a handle within its special hollow. Due to its broad and unglazed edge, it provides good grip. Everything in one hand, guests always have a hand left to eat or to say `hello´ to their friends.

Hot /the radiator

Thu 04 2007

hot_tcolia1.jpg Hot is the new bathroom icon. What can be said about HOT? Its simplicity and its shape speak by themselves: elegant radiator, powerful heater. Available in two finishes, cromed or red painted, and in many sizes


Mon 03 2007

cardini_01.jpgA copper tube shaped to look like the outline of a fireplace with fire burning and two chandeliers on its top. It gives heat in a modern way recalling the old times, when heat used to come from fire. The tube can be painted in any color to fit the buyer’s needs.


Thu 03 2007

kochen_am_tisch.jpgCook at home with your friends on the table. Electromagnetic induction cookers are placed under the glass of the table. With this technology the cooker is safe for kiddys.


Marti Tiles White Cube-finalist at design boom 2006. A wall is the place where the human body entwines with its habitat. It is the arena where sensuality and rationalism coexists. The fleshy quality they acquire as a result of this interaction reinforces the contrast between the transience of the body and the endurance of architecture. The subtle alterations in the nature of these architectural settings provoke and challenge our perceptual possibilities.

Smooth Cooking Unit

Tue 03 2007

copy_0_smooth01.jpg The most important feature of the renovation is the expressive cooking island in the living area. It divides the second floor on a subtle way into a living-and a dining room.For this three level apartment the design consist of customized furniture, new floors and a new color scheme. The most important feature of the renovation is the expressive cooking island in the living area. It divides the second floor on a subtle way into a living-and a dining room.


Mon 03 2007

copy_2_brickabowl_2.jpgBrick-a-bowls, eat food from the street * * * Brick-a-bowls are inspired by the pattern of the Dutch streets. They are made out of small terracotta bricks that make up the pattern of the pavement. The milled edges resemble skyline. The bricks are only visible on the inside of the bowls. The outside is smooth and shiny. Currently the bowls are completely craftwork; they are actually build brick by brick.


Fri 03 2007

knot.jpgKNOT  appears as two distinct pipes which seem to have been tied together to form a bow knot. To increase surface area, the back of the piping can be finned out-of-view.

Milk Moments ceramics

Mon 02 2007

milk_moments.jpgAwarded in the “Ceramics for breakfast” Award, with “The equo honorable mention“, the beautiful and unique porcelain collection caputures  the moment of a mishap, of a splash in a modern design.