Tab Lamp

Fri 06 2008

The Tab lamp is a simple folded form that becomes a desk, wall and floor lamp. The shade can be rotated for the best possible light spread without glare. Tab is constructed from a die-cast aluminium shade, lamp holder and base with an extruded aluminium stand and a ceramic reflector. BarberOsgerby


Fri 06 2008

The night table and chest of drawers by British artist Richard Woods and designer Sebastian Wrong are derived from the style of mid-century, Modernist Utility furniture which championed the abilities of plywood as a new building material. The emphasis is on form, function, construction and material, with the absence of decoration. Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong


Shiraz sofa

Wed 06 2008

Designs for the SF03 Shiraz sofa set were inspired by traditional Persian daybeds, ottomans and classic furniture from Western salons and hotel lobbies. The Shiraz offers a flexible system of modular seating incorporating moveable backrests, cushions and arms and combines traditional ideas with modern elements. The Shiraz can be arranged to seat large groups. e15.

Soul Chair

Tue 06 2008

Soul is a new cantilever chair for the 21st Century. Pearson Lloyd identified a plastic from which to create an intelligent, elegant skeletal frame that plugs on to the lower steel frame. The frame also creates a sophisticated, ergonomically tuned platform that flexes with the user. The floating backrest provides a dynamic relationship between seat and back to maximise comfort. The chair is also light, and can be separated for 100 per cent recycling. Pearson Lloyd and Allermuir.