A Cornish Oasis

Mon 11 2006

a-cornish-oasis.jpgcornish-oasis.jpgDesigners: Kevin Gleeson, Martyn Sergeant, Will Atkins, Martin Gane, Fiona Le Tissier, Tim Davies and Lesley Kingsley

A Cornish Oasis garden uses innovative planting and hard landscaping to convey an impression of the traditional Cornwall.

Saveurs de France

Mon 11 2006

saveurs-de-france.jpgDesigner: Jane Dickinssaveurs-de-france1.jpg

Saveurs de France conveys the spirit of French life. The planting is in a range of pinks to deep purple with dashes of vibrant yellows and startling vermilions. Key plants are lavender, fuchsia and pelargonium.

Conifer Courtyard

Mon 11 2006

conifer-courtyard.jpgconifer-courtyard1.jpgDesigner: Dawn Compton

This garden aims to show how conifers can be used effectively with hardy perennials and bedding plants to provide interesting combinations of colour, shape and texture.

the-north-east-england-passion-garden.jpgDesigners: Penny Denoon & John Carmichaelpassion-garden.jpg

The North East England Passion Garden is a celebration of the exuberant spirit of the north eastern people and of the region’s rich heritage, culture and diverse landscapes.

the-kinnaird-garden.jpgDesigners: Sue Bradbury and Catherine Jago

In A Highland Retreat a stepping stone path, in soft heather hues and engraved with reminders of wonderful Scottish rivers, takes the visitor to a stone bothey, which is topped with native plants.

Daisy garden

Sat 11 2006

daisy-garden.jpgDesigner: Kati Crome

In addition to demonstrating how unity and balance can be achieved in a small area, the garden also illustrates the huge diversity within the daisy family.

A Garden For Robin

Sat 11 2006

a-garden-for-robin.jpgDesigners: Diane Appleyard, Paul Ashton, Dawn Johnson, Simon Street, John Walker

This is a contemporary space to capture the spirit of York Gate Garden in Leeds. This garden has been named after the designer of the York Gate Garden, Robin Spencer.