bathroom-over-50000-gold.jpgThe focal point of the new bathroom is a massive water fountain that features quiet or audible water flows that allow the owners to enjoy it from either their bedroom or their bathroom.

Design: Landis Construction

bathroom-over-50000-silver.jpgDesign: Bauer Interior Design

Silver winner of the “Bathrooms Over $50,000″ category

bathroom-over-50000-bronze.jpgDesign: Excel Interior Concepts

Bronze winner of the “Bathrooms Over $50,000″ category

bathroom-30000-50000-gold.jpgDesign: D.P. Design

Original oak cabinets were replaced with custom Shaker-style alder cabinets with rounded edges, stained two different colors for visual impact. To add a subtle feminine feeling, a curvy feature stripe was added to the shower walls and backsplash.

bathroom-30000-50000-silver.jpgDesign: Carnemark Systems & Design

Silver winner of the “Bathroom $30,000 – $50,000″ category

bathroom-30000-50000-bronze.jpgDesign: Amazing Spaces

Bronze winner of the “Bathroom $30,000 – $50,000″ category

bathrooms-under-30000-gold.jpgDesign: The Bainbridge Crew

The remodelers selected a heather gray marble for the floor and walls, gentle accents like stainless steel finishes, white walls, chic sconces and a delicate black tile edging to achieve a subtle look.

bathrooms-under-30000-silver.jpgDesign: American Home Improvements

Silver winner of the “Bathrooms Under $30,000″ category

bathrooms-under-30000-bronze.jpgDesign: The Bainbridge Crew

Bronze winner of the “Bathrooms Under $30,000″ category

whole-house-over-500000-gold.jpgDesign: Crawford Renovation

“The renovation resulted in improved function, comfort and style, and a house that the family is proud to call home.”