The BetteFloor shower surface fits flush into the floor and enables showering without any trip hazards. At the same time, the room appears larger thanks to the even surface. BetteFloor consists of steel and enamel and has been coated with a thin varnish conveying smoothness and brilliance. The smooth surface is more hygienic than tiles, because it can be cleaned more easily thanks to the absence of seams. Bette GmbH & Co. KG


Heron desk lamp

Tue 10 2006

heron-desk-lamp.jpgWhile the two parts of the main body move differently when the head of the lamp is moved up and down, the head always remains parallel to the surface, and the shade gives asymmetrical lighting.

Designer: Isao Hosoe

jazz-chair.jpgThe chair stands out as an innovative solution with its coned legs. The chair and bar stool are made up of few elements, and they have a clear family likeness.

Designer: Circus Design