Star Cookerhood

Thu 05 2008

The Star Range Hoos will add style and flare to your kitchen, even if you only make grilled cheese sandwiches. The three-speed range hood with built in odour filters is draped in hundreds of tiny glass prisms. Besides the high end aesthetics, the thing I love the best is the slick remote control. Elica


Thu 05 2008

With its groundbreaking flexible spout system and its unusually versatile functionality is captured in an eye-catching design that blends the successful classic arwa-twin with a dynamic and distinctive spout element, arwa-twinflex allows the water to be directed exactly where it’s needed. Arwa

Decor Design Kitchens

Thu 05 2008

Modern design for kitchens that ask for attention. because of it’s simple, minimalistic style combindec with the classic colours the Decor Design has made some very interesting collections.

Alessi Fruit Basket Tea and Coffee SetAlessi Fruit Basket Tea and Coffee Set

With the “Fruit basket”, the renowned Japanese team Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa created a tea and coffee set in which all of the pieces were inspired by apples, pears and various other fruit. Alessi


DesignPreis 2006 nominee. A small accessory suited for a Happy Easter that   not only cozies up your breakfast eggs but your entire kitchen through it’s cute style.

cookbook1.jpgWinner of “iF concept award product 2007” by Philipp Gilgen a digital cookbook that can be used and stored alongside your other kitchen tools. The washable fits better into the kitchen environment than any printed cookbook.

parrot-sommelier-corkscrew.JPGSet composed of “Parrot” corkscrew in chrome-plated.


kitchen-over-100000-silver.jpgSilver winner of the “Kitchen Over $100,000″ cateegory

Design: Arclinea Boston

kitchen-over-100000-bronze.jpgBronze winner of the “Kitchen Over $100,000” cateegory

Design: Landis Construction

kitchens-50000-100000-gold.jpgDesign: The Bainbridge Crew

This award-winning kitchen re-creates a charming turn-of-the-century kitchen blended with modern conveniences as well as a much larger, workable space.