Mon 10 2008

A loggia flows from the open-plan living area onto a sheltered courtyard. Well protected from the wind, the outdoor room features a low timber ceiling, stone walls and travertine flooring.

The master bedroom is located on the upper level of the house. Here, another stone pillar reaches up from the family room to form the fireplace. Timber shelving contains books, ornaments and an entertainment unit. The three paintings above the bed depict a Japanese story of the human life span. A comfortable armchair in rich purple adds to the bedroom’s relaxed setting. Edwin Eames

Porsche Design Toaster.jpgDesign: Porsche Design Studio

The TT911P2 toaster combines high-quality materials with innovative technology. The so-called Cool-Touch housing has a brushed aluminium finish. The bread roll rack offers additional convenience and is very hygienic thanks to its integrated cover.

duo-kitchen-scales-and-timer.jpgRed Dot Award: Product Design 2006

Design: Design Partners

Terraillon Duo is a precision kitchen scales and timer designed for the modern kitchen. Ibelive is very interesting the fact that the buttons are incorporated into the bezel area.

System bench

Wed 10 2006

office-furniture-01.jpgThe “invitation” systembench was especially developed for promoting interdisciplinary teamwork. “invitation” consists of modular system elements with which individual, double or group workstations can be built. In the centre of the spacious desk landscape there is an innovative organisation level, to the function sections of which monitor swivel arms, task lamps, screening and sound-absorbing elements can be quickly fixed.

Office furniture

Wed 10 2006

office-furniture-2.jpgoffice-furniture-1.jpgMinimalism as a principle. Sleek lateral panels and units in different dimensions seem to carry a 60 mm strong tabletop with easiness – an archaic form, that meets the need for tranquillity and clearness in the hectic work environment. Rich materials like metallic lacquers and selected woods open up the possibility for a personal touch in the executive office.

Design by Jehs + Laub: http://www.jehs-laub.com

Office furniture

Wed 10 2006

office-desk.jpgA program for the team workspace, that aims consequently for flexibility while preserving the architectural clarity in the details and for the entire system. Different format and material varieties and smart functionality form the base for the individual workspace as well as the complete office area.

Design: Kolberg Design

Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Wed 10 2006

ergonomic-mesh-chair.jpgTwelve different mesh and fabric color variations offer a broad range of possibilities. You can select frame and seat combinations and choose the color variations that best fit your workplace needs and individual taste. You can select a high back or a low back as well as an extra-high back variation with attached headrest.


Stackable chair

Wed 10 2006

stackable-chair.jpgStackable chair made of wood and metal that brings high quality, clean aesthetics, ergonomics and efficient production methods into harmonious balance with one another.

Design by Greutmann Bolzern

chair-and-sofa-modular.jpgchair-and-sofa-modulars.jpg Whether in a private area, a lounge or a foyer, M_sit provides a stylish solution. As an individual element – placed individually or configured as a group – it sets clear design accents. By linking table and sofa, armchairs, “landscapes” can be created for every requirement to make waiting a pleasant matter.

Design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger


Wed 10 2006

folding-table-system.jpgFolding table system combining slim elegance with aesthetic perfection unites all modern demands and is easy to use. It comes up with new solutions to old problems by deploying the highest degree of structural and creative intelligence.

Design by Korb + Korb: http://www.korb-korb.ch