A truly original design consisting of two parts locked together by a hidden magnet. This silverplated candelabra is stunning, ergonomic design and superior finish make this a very desirable item indeed.Charles Wilson

Prince Chair

Fri 05 2007

princechair.jpgDesigned by Louise Campbell in 2002, the Prince Chair is a dramatic seat fit for royalty. The Prince Chair was designed for a competition to create a chair for His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. The perforated design looks like a cut-out paper snowflake, but the materials used give it a high-tech, modern twist. The frame is black powder-coated steel and the seat is neoprene rubber and black wool.

Icarus light

Tue 05 2007

icarus.jpgThe Icarus light  is an absolutely stunning light, the latest creation from designer sensation Tord Boontje. Gigantic, lightweight and delicate at the same time, it is made from various layers of polyester. It comes with a cone-shaped plastic safety protector, which prevents the material from coming into contact with the light bulb. Flat-packed for quick and easy assembly. Maximum lamp rating 60 watt. Available in white. Drop approx 78cm. The end result is very romantic, delicate and absolutely dreamy. In the past Boontje has focused primarily on exploring the realms of nature. This light does that as well, but with a hint of ancient mythology.


It seems that ‘Zaishu’ is Japanese for small seat. It also functions as a small table and storage box. Requires no tools or problematic fittings like nails, screws or adhesives. Made from plywood “ideally salvaged from construction sites”, the seats simply slot slot together, in an operation that can be completed in as little as 11 seconds! Requiring no packaging, the seats are designed to take on a used patina, with he external artwork has been created a variety of designers and artists from Australia, Japan, Korea, and Italy.

moroso_9234.jpgThis incredible chair is visually striking with its overall form as well as the elliptical cutouts on the back. It is also practical… featuring a small hole in the seat which allows for water drainage and you can even stack them. composed of molded reinforced fiberglass reinforced polyamide. Available in white, black, yellowish green, or light blue. This piece is part of Moroso‘s Quick Ship stocking program in the US and has a lead time of only 2 weeks from order


Luxury winner at the Beds & Bedding category Spacecraft Australia’s print ideas are driven by a fascination with the art of traditional textile design and new directions in contemporary art. So enjoy it’s work of art through this wonderful bedding collection.

Rifra Modus range

Wed 05 2007


Modus Short for “modus vivendi”, it is a project intended to suggest a new aesthetic approach for the bathroom environment by means of exact shapes and pure geometric design. The items mark, articulate and shape the space: built-in lights, mirrors, panels, drawer unit, cristalplant washbasin, and corian bathtubs. Character and definition are based on the use of high quality material and craftsmanship combined with innovative technical design solutions. A sophisticated and refined bathroom environment where every detail is at once appealing and surprising. The result of innovative and functional design that offers a new range of options for its use.