four-door-convertible-fridge.jpgEntertaining just got easier. This four-door unit features two bottom drawers that can serve as mini fridges or freezers, depending on whether you need to chill hors d’oeuvres or prepare bucketfuls of ice.

Ace sensations paint

Tue 10 2006

ace-sensations-paint.jpgThis flat paint features Scotchgard stain protector, so soap and water are all you need to wash off anything on it, from Sally’s scribbles to grape juice.

dual-fuel-range-with-steam-assist.jpgBecome a healthier eater with this stainless steel gas, electric, and convection range, which features a steam option to produce moist roasts—no basting necessary—and crusty loaves of bread.

stainless-steel-roofing.jpgAlthough your roof might be the last place you’d expect to find stainless steel, these recyclable, interlocking tiles not only look cool, but also lower the temperature inside your house.

72-inch-three-door-fridge.jpgUse this multizone drinks station to mix cocktails without leaving the party. Pretty enough for your family room, the stainless steel cabinet contains a freezer with a rack for chilling glasses, a fridge with fully extendable shelves, and storage space for an impressive 48 bottles of wine.


Tue 10 2006

watertiles.jpgObtrusive showerheads have met their match. These 5-inch-square water-spraying tiles install nearly flush with the ceiling or wall for a streamlined look.

engineered-collection-wood-floors.jpgThe flooring is made of engineered wood—prefinished maple or birch adhered to five layers of plywood—so it’s ideal for heavy-traffic areas such as kitchens, and reacts less dramatically than solid hardwood to high humidity and climate changes.

Paloma fireplace

Tue 10 2006

paloma-fireplace.jpgGas fireplaces have turned up the heat, designwise. This sleek freestanding unit has a curved firebox, so flames are visible from almost any angle in the room.

leather-texture-surfacing-with-microban.jpgThese quartz countertops—which mimic the supple feel of leather—feature Microban, an antimicrobial substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, mold, and fungi.