The Perfumed Garden

Fri 11 2006

the-perfumed-garden.jpgDesigners: Geoffrey & Kas Whiten

Our garden at this year’s show is designed to demonstrate that a blend of natural stone, shrubs, herbaceous plants and pinks can be successfully combined to create a charming and colourful urban retreat.

yin-yang-in-balance.jpgDesigner: Longacres Landscape

Longacres Landscape, newcomers to Chelsea, has chosen to follow the way of the Japanese masters with its interpretation of Yin and Yang in a modern garden setting.

Evio pendant lamp

Mon 10 2006

evio-pendant-lamp.jpgevio-lamp.jpgDesign: Rupert Kopp

Evio impresses with its striking language of forms. It comes in a direct light version and a version with discreet indirect light for ceiling illumination.

Lily.MGX lamp

Mon 10 2006

lily-mgx-lamp.jpgDesign: FOC Freedom Of Creation

The Lily.MGX lamp has an organic shape and is made of polyamide (nylon) and chrome-coated, stainless steel.

Seam Two Lamp

Mon 10 2006

seam-two-lamp.jpgDesign: Mark Holmes

The LT02 Seam Two an aluminium lamps as well that features clear shape and accurate folds. The surface is powder-coated and available in a range of colours.

Seam One lamp

Mon 10 2006

seam-one-lamp.jpgDesign: Mark Holmes

The LT01 Seam One lamp is a modern interpretation of the classical table lamp. The surface of the lamp is made of powder-coated aluminium. It is available in six different colours.

swarovski-nest-chandelier.jpgDesign: fuseproject

The chandelier is designed using crystals with a traditional cut, combined with a chandelier with an organic form that is reminiscent of a nest.  Is available in three sizes – large, small and mini.

Devio luminaire

Mon 10 2006

devio-luminaire.jpgDesign: Karsten Winkels

The Devio luminaire provides glare-free lighting. When desired, it also performs the added function of façade illumination.

Elle light

Mon 10 2006

elle-light.jpgDesign: Artemide GmbH

Elle is equipped with compact fluorescent lamps with a high light output, which use little energy, and it is resistant to low temperature.

Empty outdoor light

Mon 10 2006

empty-outdoor-light.jpgDesign: Josep Lluís Xuclà

Empty is an outdoor light available in different sizes. It has a metal structure and is available in rust or silver.