PK01 Litterbin

Fri 08 2007

thoms_nilsson_pk01_aug_04.jpgImagine yourself being the straw that breaks the camel’s back, or the drop of water that makes the cup overflow. Suppose that your actions could influence a structure. Suppose that you could see a direct consequence of your actions. In this spirit, PK01 litterbin aims to encourage and inspire people to discard their waste in the waste basket rather than somewhere else.

roll-down.jpgCrafted exclusively of solid hardwoods, Woodfold custom roll-up doors enhance commercial or residential space. Taking the concept of the roll-top desk to room size applications a custom made roll-up door stores conveniently overhead providing full out of the way access to service desks, food service areas or retail space.

Woodfold roll-up doors are custom made to order following stringent manufacturing guidelines. Select solid hardwoods are machined to precise tolerances, selected for color consistency, and assembled. The use of natural hardwoods is aesthetically pleasing and will complement a variety of architectural designs.


Beautifully plain and simple, the Soko Accents collection of knobs, pulls, handles, , hooks, wall plate covers offer a more personal style to your doors. Ideal for large doors and custom appliances including Sub-Zero® 600 and 700 Series as well as cabinets and furniture. Winner of ADEX Awards 2007.

Topografi sofa

Thu 08 2007


This flexible seating system uses three sections: Straight, Exchange and End. These elements can be combined in any way and any length required for the selected space. It’ rises up from any surface, making it a part of any environment. By using different materials it’ can stand the test of time indoor and outdoor. The appearance is a crucial part of the total product. The strong graphical impact of the design draws people attention and makes them want to test the bench. It makes a solid statement in any environment, especially when placed on a lawn where the grass grows into the design and the Topografi (Swedish for topography) merge into the shapes of nature.

Mosaico Venecian

Thu 08 2007


For a more classical look for your outdoors, have a look at these mosaics made by the VETRO Mosaico that have proved their value by winning at ADEX Awards 2006. Mosaico Veneciano de 2 X2 cms. – Azul Cielo / Negro.


Platinum winner at ADEX Awards 2007.

An unique style with the Max Chandelier Head will give a fresh noew look to any room. This lovely fixture features an Italian blown glass tube with a frit and a circular, two layer chandelier to give it a unique look. Heads are available in multi-color, ivory-frit or yellow/red, along with options for a satin nickel or bronze finish, so customizing your own chandelier head is in your hands.


The perfect marriage of vision, whimsy and discipline, the Okeanito never goes unnoticed. The graceful, sweeping hood balances softness and fluidity with cool linear elements to create a timeless design. Perforated side panels allow the Okeanito to radiate gentle ambient light, infusing its surroundings with a sense of grace and calm.

Neutron Pendant

Wed 08 2007

neutron-pendant.jpgNeutron Pendant from LBL Lighting, platinum winner at ADEX Awards 2007 The Neutron Mini pendants are composed of sleek cylinders of metal and acrylic enhanced by a punch of white or colored light. These low voltage LED lights represent the essence of modern lighting. Vibrant colors and a polished design will bring a sleek, contemporary appeal to your home. They’re subtle construction is the epitome of cutting edge style.

CD Spring

Tue 08 2007

cd.jpg A gift doesn’t have to be very expensive to offer a smile and the proof is this CD Spring. This cute gift is a CD rack made from a spring!
The custom made mild steel spring is rubber coated and stores up to 60 cd’s.

Small, cute, practical with a nice design.

cdsadackdaskfs.jpgComplementing the fine dining tableware launched last year, the collection brings together Ramsay’s -starred expertise and the British china brand’s commitment to quality and innovation.