OVA Basin

Tue 03 2008

OVA is a modern and simplistic design piece, incorporating a combination of fresh minimalist form, merged with a hollow feature to generate a new sensation and modern feel. The basins colour insert can be personalised to any bathrooms style. Water conservation has become a major influence of current designs within Australian bathrooms. The OVA basins shallow depth, takes this in to consideration. The OVA basin can be mounted as a free-standing form or placed on a bench top, to vary the design and fit any contemporary bathroom space. Norman Oliveria

Sujushai Bath Tap

Tue 03 2008


In today’s society people seek simple as well as innovative products to assist them in their daily life. I based this product concept on the Japanese style, which is renowned for simplicity and its calm innovative ways. Not like other designs, the Sujushai fuses elegance with oriental influences to provide an environmental feature that alters the boring consistency of tap to basin motion. The aim of Sujushai is to challenge the similarity as well as the function in the design of taps. Dong-Young Lee

Plinth Bath

Tue 03 2008


The Plinth bath exudes humble sophistication with its minimalist styling and emphasis on subtle detailing. The plinth base may also act as an easy access storage unit for optional water jet pumps and its finish can be matched to suit a variety of bathrooms. Through its cantilever construction the Plinth base may also be used as a step to enable safe and effortless entry into the bath whilst giving the bather a ledge to place their accessories whilst they bathe.Hugh Thomas

Flow Shower

Tue 03 2008


The Flowshower is the ultimate companion in the bathroom. It helps manage not only your time but your water consumption. The Mirrored Display Screen informs the user of time in the shower as well as litres used and safe temperature range, while also allowing normal shower activities such as shaving. The Flowshower – monitoring our future.Alex Knorr

Repose Bath

Tue 03 2008


The interior of the Reposé bathtub is inspired by the traditional chaise lounge resting position. The big benefit of this design is that the amount of water required to fill the tub is considerably less than other bathtubs. The Reposé bathtub offers the best of all worlds with its innovative design – sensual curves, visually appealing with its combination of acrylic and chrome, and water efficient. Resposé provides a highly functional, yet beautiful piece of bathroom sculpture.Yee Lee

Slider Shower System

Tue 03 2008


The ‘Slider’ offers the ultimate experience of showering pleasure. With its easy and simple sliding shower panel control, it maximizes and revolutionizes the whole shower experience. The Slider is a completely new idea, combining a wall mounted shower system with a normal overhead shower system in one place. The adjustable shower panel doubles as an overhead shower and a body and shoulder massage.The Slider’s simplified and minimal design is pleasing to the eye and encapsulates today’s modern style.Sunghoon Mun



The ‘Swanson’ is a streamlined bath and shower tap that unites separate tap functions into one. The Swanson forms a blend between a shower and a bath tap. It has a separate handle and outlet for both the shower and the bath. These separate fixtures are joined only by the outside casing, each functioning independently. The Swanson cannot only be used in bathrooms, but can be installed outside and used in the garden or in public areas such as the beach, functioning as both a shower and regular tap.Felix Allen

Cubi Basin

Tue 03 2008


Cubi is a basin that sits partially within the cavity of a standard stud wall. It is a simple design that reduces the basin’s impact on the powder room’s usable area. It is fixed in-between studs not to the face of the stud as in the traditional wall hanging method. Cubi combines 3 essential powder room items in the form of an integrated basin, toilet roll holder and towel rail, creating a package solution for a simple, clear-cut powder room.Mick Moloney


Many household products are now touching on emotion and user experience by means of materials, technology and light. I wanted to use some of these means to enhance the user experience of the bathroom mirror. Going beyond the reflection; growing reflections. When the mirror is in a condensed state, the heated decorative pattern will dissolve the condensation. This will create a “growing or enlarging” effect as the condensation disappears around the pattern. The Ambi – light surround creates a soothing and relaxing ambience.Justin Wagemakers

Leaf Basin

Tue 03 2008

Inspired by the leafs’ ability to channel rain water via its thin surface and provide shelter for what lies beneath, the design draws on these qualities to combine a wash basin together with a laundry trough to save space without compromising its functionality. Consisting of a thin angled lid that pivots on top of a laundry trough, this multifunctional piece offers a space saving package as the main focus of the design.David Feng