Conference chair

Wed 10 2006

conference-chair.jpgModus Conference Conference chair which is especially designed for application in a prestigious conference environment.

Design by: Werner Sauer

Washing machine

Wed 10 2006

washing-machine-1.jpgWith increasing automobile possession among Chinese people, Bosch developed 2 programs for mobile lifestyle.

stainless-steel-bathroom-accessories.jpgAccessories include tumbler, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, soap dish, toilet roll holder, toilet brush with holder, together with a towel holder, all are designed to match with distinguishing Y-shape wall hooks.


Wed 10 2006

refrigerator-2.jpgThe lively acre door end activated the whole rational machine, Evolving wide door with a side profile as handles and combination of silver profile and metal door sheets provide the flexibility to develop new color models.