Thu 09 2006

vases and candleholders.jpgIDEA 2006: Consumer Products – Bronze Winner

This line of luminous vases and candleholders are hand blown from lead-free crystal. Offered in four different shapes and colours (blue, green, Bordeaux and clear), the objects also provide two functions in one: simply remove the candle cup to create a vase.

Household Fuel Cell Cogeneration System.jpgIDEA 2006: Consumer Products – Bronze Winner

This household fuel cell cogeneration system simultaneously generates electricity and hot water from city-supplied gas.

Sushi Plate.jpgIDEA 2006: Consumer Products – Bronze Winner

Made from high-quality porcelain with Palisander rosewood chopsticks, the “Sushi Time” Sushi Plate is a sushi and sashimi serving piece for two.

Refrigerator NR-P550T

Thu 09 2006

refrigerator-nr-p550t.jpgIDEA 2006: Consumer Products – Silver Winner

The two-way fully accessible slide-out pantry system makes storing and accessing bottles and other small items easier and more efficient. In addition, the crispers and freezer chambers can be fully pulled out so items at the back will no longer be forgotten.

A/Design Bowl

Thu 09 2006

A/Design Bowl.jpgIDEA 2006: Consumer Products – Silver Winner

In a unique manufacturing process, aluminum sheet metal is folded and stamped to the very physical limits of the material. The result: the A/Design decorative bowl.

Washing and Drying Machine.jpgIDEA 2006: Consumer Products – Gold Winner

The NA-VR1000 washer/dryer system features a tilted-drum design that allows children, the elderly and wheelchair users to do laundry more easily.

Eva Solo Tea-maker

Thu 09 2006

eva-solo-tea-maker.jpgIDEA 2006: Consumer Products – Gold Winner

The Eva Solo design utilizes a solid metal cup that when depressed fully encases the leaves, preventing further steeping and the tea from becoming bitter.


Thu 09 2006

zody.jpgIDEA 2006: Ecodesign – Silver Winner

Zody is a high-performance, mid-priced office chair that integrates a strong design sensibility with sustainability. To provide maximum comfort, Zody features an asymmetrical lumbar support system.

Celle Task Chair

Thu 09 2006

Celle Task Chair.jpgIDEA 2006: Ecodesign – Bronze Winner

Celle is a mid- to low-price environmentally advanced task chair for individual workstations, conference and training rooms, and healthcare and home office environments.


Thu 09 2006

IDEA 2006: Student Designs – Bronze Winnerairwash.jpg

It is a waterless washing unit that uses negative ions, compressed air and anti-bacterial deodorants to clean clothes. Dry clean-only clothes can be airwashed conveniently and quickly at home without exposure to chemicals, and favorite outfits can be cleaned frequently without fear of color fading.