Class cooktop

Mon 11 2009

This high-class cooktop is the latest solution for the advanced cook. With its combination of a powerful 4 kW gas burner and a rapid 2.2 kW electrical induction zone, it lets you cook with as much or as little heat as possible.Thin and scratch-resistant. Siemens Electrogeräte GmbH

Tripod Burner

Wed 11 2009

This “fireplace”, formerly everyone’s kitchen, was a communication center and played a critical role. The tripod burner originates from the shape of firewood in a bonfire, with the logs leaning against each other. Yu-ri Lee

Extractor hood

Wed 11 2009

The extractor hood consisting of separate shades, free to position und separately controllable. Energy saving, noise reducing and an alternative to the typical “stainless-steel box” above the cooker. Universität Stuttgart

Dedon Green Wall

Tue 11 2009

This room separator with its many facets opens up a space for being undisturbed and for breezy relaxation. Generate new space without confinement, develop an open seclusion and visual uniqueness in artful simplicity. In the company of plants ,which make its harmonious design their own, enabling them to climb and grow, we come close to nature again – whether indoors, outdoors, horizontally, or vertically. DEDON GmbH

Wooden chair

Mon 11 2009

This is the fundamental idea behind the 404 chair series developed by Munich-based designer Stefan Diez for Thonet. The narrow version of the 404 has been modelled on the historical 214 Thonet bentwood chair dating from 1859, which, with its simple shape and cost-efficient production, became one of the first icons of industrial design. Thonet GmbH

Ribbon Stool

Mon 11 2009

Ribbon stools combine fresh colors with light and eye-catching designs. these stools are realized in folded laser-cut metal plate lacquered in white, black, cherry red, yellow and turquoise colors. The high stool has an extra loop, some of which can be used as footrests. The optional cushion affixes to the stool with magnets. Cappellini


ALLUMETTE is the unique table and chair range sporting a filigree framework in the hardwood of the Arura Vermelho tree. Elegance and originality combine with stability. The wood is not varnished, instead polished finely, allowing its entire sensual presence to come to the fore. The chair is a perfect match for the table. Elegance and originality combine with stability. Röthlisberger Schreinerei AG

Small aluminum wall or ceiling fixture which visible part consists of a 360° rotating turntable, with a small perpendicular arm resting on it that can be tilted by 90°. The head of this small arm houses a 1 W Power LED. Delta Light nv

Sini Coffee table

Thu 08 2009

Sini is a round coffee table that can be divided into five pieces. Each piece can be used as an individual service table. Sini’s form is not fixed: Its pieces can be brought together to create different shapes. Its unique design makes it a versatile product both in function and form. The table top is made of natural wood veneer over MDF, and the legs are of stainless steel. The diameter is 120 cm and the height is 38 cm. MobiTables