Venus Chair

Wed 04 2010

It is a ‘Natural Crystal Chair’, the production process is so different than any other chair out there. A substrate made of polyester elastomer forms the skeleton and is submerged in a tank, here grow the crystals on that substrate. Amazing stuff!. Tokujin Yoshioka

Fig leaf wardobe

Wed 04 2010

Each wardrobe requires 616 hand-painted enamel leaves, the largest project of its kind in history. The monumental fig-leaf encrusted doors open to reveal a bronze tree arching up and outward against the background of a peaceful landscape in silk. Like the very best design, it is a contemporary masterpiece. Dimensions 2.1 x 1.5 x 0.7m. Tord Boontje

The Composite Bench System is a modular system specifically conceived as a deconstructed sofa, whose essential parts have been disassembled and then reorganised as they were parts of a Japanese garden: in this way, stones turn out to be structural cushions placed over a base that can be also used as a table. El Ultimo Grito