Concrete Rug Tiles

Mon 11 2006

concrete-rug-tiles.JPGDesign: Eileen Elliott

Handprinted with images of kilim and Persian rugs, the concrete floor tiles are a bold combination of opposites. The weight and austerity of polished concrete is balanced by delicate patina on its surface.

Winner of the “Surface Design” category


Tue 10 2006

parquet.jpgWas awarded with the first prize in the category floor coverings as an integral design element.

reclaimed-antique-engineered-wood.jpgGold winner in the Flooring, Hard Resilient category.

stainless-steel-roofing.jpgAlthough your roof might be the last place you’d expect to find stainless steel, these recyclable, interlocking tiles not only look cool, but also lower the temperature inside your house.

engineered-collection-wood-floors.jpgThe flooring is made of engineered wood—prefinished maple or birch adhered to five layers of plywood—so it’s ideal for heavy-traffic areas such as kitchens, and reacts less dramatically than solid hardwood to high humidity and climate changes.

leather-texture-surfacing-with-microban.jpgThese quartz countertops—which mimic the supple feel of leather—feature Microban, an antimicrobial substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, mold, and fungi.

Iznik tiles

Mon 10 2006

iznik-tiles.jpgDesign: Defne Koz

The Iznik tile series are created using a high-tech production method and they feature stylised patterns, colours and textures.

Karat XXL roof tiles

Mon 10 2006

karat-xxl-roof-tile.jpgkarat-roof-tile.jpgDesign: Hans-Wilhelm Seitz

With its double head and side interlocking depressions, the Karat XXL offers a large degree of rain permeation protection.

Linea LED Tiles

Mon 10 2006

linea-led-tiles.jpgIn-house design: Design Team Mosa

The tiles of the Linea LED collection are manufactured with an integrated LED lighting. It has an innovative design that has an even shape and many combination options.

terra-led-floor-tiles.jpgIn-house design: Design Team Mosa

Terra LED is an LED lighting system in two sizes and colours. The tiles are all of the same size, thickness and quality.