Is an advanced ceiling fan with a unique form and an energy efficient design. Switched off, the intrusive fan blades automatically retract and the unit transforms into a slim, modern light pendant. Turning the fan on creates a centrifugal force that deploys the blades to circulate air within a room. Direction of the air movement is controllable, so it can be used to great effect on hot and cold days.Thie product was nominee to this prize.Deep Orange Design

Tab Lamp

Fri 06 2008

The Tab lamp is a simple folded form that becomes a desk, wall and floor lamp. The shade can be rotated for the best possible light spread without glare. Tab is constructed from a die-cast aluminium shade, lamp holder and base with an extruded aluminium stand and a ceramic reflector. BarberOsgerby


Designed as a simple wire or rail system Spice inspires you to show initiative and create your individual light arrangement. Different spots and pendant lights can be combined discretionarily. It is possible to floodlight a whole the room or to spotlight one single object. Different light variations are realised with only one branch connection. To this end, tiny special lights by Paulmann are used offering high light output and long service life.


p254529_488_336-1.jpgA recipient of the VIA ‘Carte Blanche’, this ceiling light is reminiscent of a huge, illuminated jellyfish. Suspended ceiling light with 16 “arms” with woven expanded covering. Made from protective cable covers of the type normally used for supersonic aircraft. 256 LED’s, equivalent to a 75 W output. Ligne Roset

meurice chandelier

Mon 02 2007

meurice-chandelier.jpgMarrying Sputnik style with Palm Beach chic, this 30-light chandelier by Jonathan Adler redefines the concept of burning the candle at both ends

Bourgie Lamp

Thu 11 2006

bourgie-lamp.jpgDesign: Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell

Of classic inspiration, revisitng the classic baroque lamp, the revolutionary characteristic of Bourgie is that it is made entirely of transparent polycarbonate.

Winner of the “Lighting Product Design” category

flameguard-downlighters.jpgThe Flameguard family of downlighters incorporates fire retardant seals and acoustic barriers, enabling the fire and acoustic rating of a ceiling to be maintained without the need for fire hoods and acoustic insulation.

multi-level-clean-room-fitting.jpgClean is a multi-level concept luminaire for clean rooms in healthcare and industry applications. The luminaire combines design and practicality and incorporates a non-ageing seal, pressure equalising and mixed airflow technology.

Athenik LED luminaire

Tue 10 2006

athenik-led-luminaire.jpgDesign: Trilux-Lenze GmbH + Co KG

The square-shaped recessed downlights of the Athenik LED series reveal a straight-lined structure designed for highest formal demands.

Control spot

Tue 10 2006

control-spot.jpgDesign: Klaus Baulman

The Control is a spot with a sharp architectural basic form. It combines modern materials with matt black and matt nickel metal surfaces.