Ice-cream bowl with spoon made of porcelain and ceramics, a set of functional shapes and individual pieces.  It very practical in your kitchen. Hitomi McKenzieIce-cream bowl with spoon

Hanging People Bowl

Thu 05 2009

Hand thrown red and white porcelain bowls with digital imagery depicting people hanging off the rim.  Dimensions: 21cm x 10cm. Alice Mara image_1_people_bowl3Bowls

Bowl 3

Arie shelf

Wed 05 2009

Arie shelfThe shelf SH05 ARIE is made of 25 mm thick solid wood or white powder-coated medium density fibreboard and is available in two different heights. The design concept makes a multitude of seamless combinations with it self possible without apparent visual repetitions. Invisible structural elements of the shelf enable it to be used as a freestanding room divider or as a traditional against-the-wall unit. Arik LevyArie shelf.jpg2

Arie shelf.jpg2.jpg3


Tue 05 2009

The chair is stylish and minimalistic, with exquisite details and proportions, and is equally elegant from all sides. In spite of its clear and simple design, it can fill a demanding room. “Fly me to the moon” is extremely comfortable and it has good seams and an excellent finish. The extra width offers a large and enjoyable comfort zone, regardless of whether one uses it alone or together with a loved one. ISAK Norge ASChair


Oscar Glass Table

Mon 05 2009

Glass TableTable in transparent extra-light glass characterised by extreme lightness and formal cleanness. The very slender base, despite of an apparent fragility and fineness, is solid and resistant thanks to a special chemical tempering treatment of the glass. Piero Lissoni Glass Table.jpg2Glass Table.jpg3

Desk lamp

Fri 05 2009

Desk lampThis is a lamp which the jury can easily envisage in modern offices and workplaces. The combination of a warm LED light, good ergonomic design, colour reproduction and its elegant shape makes this lamp an innovation in its category. Luxo ASADesk lamp.jpg2

Desk lamp.jpg2.jpg3

Shell chair

Thu 05 2009

chair3Peter Opsvik’s “Penguin Chair” is Varier’s latest release and works perfectly in a kitchen or dining room setting. Its icecool elegance is tempered by the warm glow of relaxation cast by this most flexible chair. New Penguin chair is available in lacquered oak, walnut, ice blue, midnight black and ice white finishes. It has a chassis of chrome or matte chrome and optional cushions. Peter Opsvik ASChair


This beautiful house is located in Sydney, Australia and has a unique way of being completely closed and yet absolutely opened to the exterior. The blinds are made of wood, in the same color as the rest of the house  charcoal grey, a modern yet very discreet finish. The unique use of dark folding screens surrounding the different levels of the house.  With beautiful design comes functionality. Chenchow Little Architects

Freshwater House.1jpg

Freshwater House.1jpg.jpg5


Tue 05 2009

This sculptural chair is made from birch ply and aluminium . The ribs of layered birch ply are moulded under pressure into the elegant sculptural curves of the finished chair that makes them unique. The chair can be folded down into a single curve.  A beautifully engineered piece of craftsmanship.  Dimensions: 75cm high, 55cm wide and 65cm deep. Mark DevlinChair

Office chair

Mon 05 2009

The HÅG Futu Office Chair unlike is adjusted instead of the seat. This makes the sitting position more relaxed. I feel like I’m floating on air. Very sleek looking too. This has got to be the best chair value out there right now.”  HÅG AS

Office chair

Office chair.2jpg